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Want to try for a couple of weeks

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alwaysthepessimist Wed 08-Mar-17 08:54:06

How do I find out the smart points values of stuff without joining? I am currently a SW member partway through a 12 week countdown but I am really struggling with losing weight so I wanted to give WW a go for a couple of weeks to see which I actually prefer. I did it a long time ago and then I was on about 40 points a day I think - I am 14 8lb and 5 foot 4 - any advice ideas?

BTW my snacky things are:
Muller light
Alpen Light
Curly wurly
French Fries
Muller Bliss
Muller Greek style

busyboysmum Wed 08-Mar-17 14:19:36

I don't know about the above as don't eat any of that but I am sure you could google them to find out the ww point values.

I'm 11 stone 4lbs and get 30 points a day plus 35 a week.

I have porridge and banana for breakfast (4 points) unlimited fruit and veg to snack on. I am using ready meals at the moment as I have a busy life so to get the portion control right I got for a ready meal of around 300 calories which is usually 8-10 points then I bulk it out with lots of steamed veg. I have this for lunch and tea.

This usually leaves me with around 7 points for a glass of wine or a slice of cake.

I'm finding it really easy to stick to. I went out for a meal the other night and had a prawn salad and then a steak with just veg. I guestimated this to be around 17 points so just didn't have my treat that evening.

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