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Is WW online worth it if i can only access the sit on a PC?

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Beardsareweird Sun 26-Feb-17 12:49:51

I am considering signing up for WW online as i really don't want to go to a class. However, i would only be able to access the site via my PC. I don't own a smartphone or a tablet so wouldn't be able to access the app. Would it be worth it?

Beardsareweird Sun 26-Feb-17 12:50:37

Typical- should be site in the title!

SherlockPotter Sun 26-Feb-17 12:55:07

Why don't you want to go to a class?

Well yes, presumingly not everyone owns a smartphone or tablet so they'd use the website instead.

Beardsareweird Sun 26-Feb-17 12:59:51

The times of the classes local to me are very inconvenient and I hate the whole 'cattle market' atmosphere of a slimming club, queuing up to get weighed and the anxiety beforehand etc Thanks for the reply.

SherlockPotter Sun 26-Feb-17 13:15:00

Oh I get you! That's the one thing that's holding me back from joining SW, I'm getting my mental health sorted first smile

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