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Week 2 of weight watchers - how do you keep it up?!

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Wellhereweare78 Tue 24-Jan-17 20:42:09

Hello all,

So I signed up to ww last year in May online, did it for a week and didn't go back until two weeks ago. Checked my start weight and I have put on a whole stone since May. For a bit of context, I have been quite ill, am early 40's and have arthiritis and very low vit D which was leaving me collapsed on the couch of an evening and getting through the day with multiple teas/coffees and biscuits. I have 3.5 stone to lose now and I lost 2lbs in my first week and second weigh in tomorrow. This week has been tricky as my dad is ill so have been back and forth from hospital all week and feeling a bit incapable and rubbish. Have used up all my weekly points and not done any exercise at all and just wondering how I will keep it up for long enough for it to start making a difference. I am sure I sound really whiny and people have much more to lose or have been doing it way longer and will think I'm a wimp but would love a few words from people who may have struggled initially. Thanks all!

Waby01 Wed 25-Jan-17 21:45:13

Hi Hun
Congratulations on your 2lb weight loss , wow that is an amazing achievmanf and you should be so proud of yourself . Sorry to hear you haven't been well . Please try and stay positive and focus on one meal at a time or one day ..which ever you are comfortable with and feel in control and best suited . You have a weekly allowance to use on how you chose to . Slow and steady is a healthy way. sometimes our week doesn't go to plan , as we are only human . I am sure your personal goal of achievmant will be a positive focus for the future xxx.

Wellhereweare78 Wed 25-Jan-17 22:35:28

Hi Waby, thanks so much for replying smile I had my second weigh in and lost two pounds but have already dipped into this weeks weeklies! I am just going to accept that I will be eating all my weeklies going forward as I have been trying to stay within the daily smart points but it's not really working for me!

dh keeps eating all my diet treats angry and then I end up eating stuff I shouldn't really be! Just going to try and keep at it and hopefully it will get easier! xx

KinkyAfro Thu 26-Jan-17 11:59:17

Weeklies are part of the plan, I use them every week, don't do any exercise apart from walking and I was losing 2-4 lbs each week. I've recently been off plan since November and am back on it now, first WI tonight

HotSteppa Thu 26-Jan-17 12:01:01

Congratulations on your loss. Keep on chipping away. I'm really new to this myself but the way I see the weekly points are there for you to use and enjoy so don't feel guilty !

HotSteppa Thu 26-Jan-17 12:01:02

Congratulations on your loss. Keep on chipping away. I'm really new to this myself but the way I see the weekly points are there for you to use and enjoy so don't feel guilty !

Wellhereweare78 Sat 28-Jan-17 22:26:30

Have managed to blow all my weeklies and then a couple of extra today. Took ds into town for Chinatown and then he really wanted to eat out and I wasn't prepared so ended up eating out with him and then munching loads of sweets on the way home. Am going to put it down to experience and get back on it tomorrow. Thanks very much for all your replies though, I appreciate the support!

Sinthus79 Sun 09-Apr-17 11:04:17

For me online never worked, not because it's a bad idea but more my mentality towards the system. Going to the meetings does work better for me, more the fact it adds an element of competition to loose weight and an encouragement if you gain from the other members.

sez49 Sun 09-Apr-17 23:19:24

Whilst I have been sticking with the plan since July, I have, in the past started and stopped so many time before. Sometimes my head wasn't really in the game. I needed to lose weight, but often had something crop up which resulted in me going off plan. This time I was feeling much more determined at the start and it felt like it wasn't now or never.

I have found it has got easier over time, but I was taking it one day at a time, in the beginning because that was all I could manage to focus on. No problem using your weeklies. I did no exercise for first months or so. I then bought an activity tracker which has really helped get me moving more! If you have already blown all your weeklies, why not try and get some steps in (or any exercise) to earn some fitpoints to help compensate a bit?

Like someone else has already mentioned, for me, going to the meetings is a huge part of what keeps me going. I would struggle much more if I was doing this online. I find the ideas, suggestion, support and encouragement from the meetings and other members invaluable.

And for me, as I have such a long way to get to goal, I am just focusing on my own next small goal. I am taking it one step at a time.

Cluesue Mon 10-Apr-17 08:11:22

I lost 2 stone in 2 months going to meetings since i went online I've only managed 11lbs in 3 months I'm yoyoing 2-3lb off then 2-3 on every other week.Fresh start today,I want to be able to do it myself not rely on a class to motivate me.only exercise i do is walking,gradually upped it but the more i walk the more i eat.just don't give up,plod on and you will see results,although the last 3 months have been a slog I've still lost nearly 3 stone in 5 months.

Emma345 Mon 03-Jul-17 20:10:44

I am going weightwatchers and slim fast together will it work for me I am 40 years old and I do exercise every day a half an hour walk every morning I have gone off the wagon a bit tonight but I am definitely going to stick it tomorrow

Want2bSupermum Mon 03-Jul-17 22:00:44

This isn't meant to sound harsh....

You need to identify when your planning isn't working and change how you plan. As an example, you say you are eating biscuits. Chuck the biscuits in the bin. Get some bananas and apples, carrots and whatever other veg you like. When you normally go for a biscuit have fruit and/or veg.

I wash and chop all my vegetables when I get home from the supermarket. Doesn't take long. I also have 2pt yoghurt in the fridge ready to go as a snack.

I've had some horrendous weeks in the past month and I gained 4lbs. I was quick to nip it in the bud by thinking about what was causing me to go off plan.

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