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Weight Watchers AND decluttering ........

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stevie69 Mon 23-Jan-17 07:17:13

Good morning everyone and welcome to a new week,

This is both a Weight Watchers AND a decluttering thread. Get me—multi-tasking, which incidentally is something that I've NEVER manged to suss blush

Anyway, while going through the little trays of 'stuff' in my wardrobe, I've come across two WW calculators, one for the ProPoints plan (which came before SmartPoints) and one for the Points plan—I sometimes see it referred to as Vintage Points—which came before that.

I'm a pretty seasoned WW member now and am where I want to be (although I still attend class once a week: I'm a mildly compulsive over eater and, to my mind, that's something that I need to 'manage' as I'm not sure that there's a cure as such). I seem to manage OK on SP as I don't have a sweet tooth, so it works for me.

Anyway, enough of the autobiography. I just wondered if the calculators would be of any use to you gals and guys who are on the journey? I know that some of you prefer the old plans.

I'm new on here so I'm not sure if there's a private message function. Ah OK, scratch that, there is smile So, please do PM me if you can make use of the calculators. Both of them helped me to a weight loss of over 5.5 stones so I'd like to think that they could help someone else too.

Best wishes and keep going ... you get there in the end. Promise.

Stevie xxx

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