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Did you continue with point counting when you became pregnant?

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User1987654 Fri 18-Nov-16 21:39:19

I have recently joined WW and following the smart points and am doing great. I'm losing weight to improve my chances of getting pregnant by at least losing 10% of my body weight. I know that once pregnant I can no longer attend meetings for nine months haha.

Just wondering how you worked out how much you should increase your points to during pregnancy or did you forgo points and just roughly eat the same things while on the WW plan?

I have never stuck to a diet in my life before joining WW which I'm finding quiet easy and enjoyable and I don't want to fall off the bandwagon, once I fall pregnant.

sez49 Fri 06-Jan-17 08:47:13

I did lose some weight with WW before finally falling pregnant. If I remember correctly, I think you are allowed to continue going to meetings only until 12 weeks. I did intend to continue for as long as I could. Think I got to about 10 weeks when there was a change of leader. The new leader was quite rude to me on her first week as I had gained 1lb. As my two previous pregnancies had ended in a miscarriage and being ectopic, I didn't want to discuss my early stage pregnancy with a total stranger who was rude to me, so I stopped going to the meetings. I didn't really count points after that but I did eat reasonably healthily through pregnancy. I think my body directed me towards what I needed as I did give into my cravings, but went off some foods completely during pregnancy. As I always gain weight if I am not following WW I thought I would put on an excess during pregnancy. Miraculously I didn't gain much over the norm. I found the struggle was after my son was born. I wasn't having proper meals and my eating habits went haywire. I really found it a struggle. Keep up the good work.

crazywriter Thu 23-Mar-17 13:23:38

I was still a leader when I was pregnant the second time. I followed the maintenance plan and followed the no count list the whole time. I actually only out baby weight on. It was afterwards that it oiled on with moving and quitting being a leader.

Ww can't allow you to follow but a lot of leaders suggest the no count list. I showed the list to my midwife and she was all for it since there was no actual "dieting" involved and you eat until you're satisfied.

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