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No Count - what gets you through the day

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lornathewizzard Mon 03-Oct-16 12:26:36

So I'm looking to lose about 4 stone, having had two kids in as many years has taken its toll!

Before I was pregnant with DD I lost about 5.5stone by calorie counting and kept it off (lost over the course of about 3 years, maintained for about 2 years until I got pregnant basically. Since then I have pretty much eaten what I liked, whilst pregnant but then also in the year and a bit between pregnancies. I chose no count as I feel like a bit of structure and guidance about what to eat rather than how much to eat will help kick start getting that healthy attitude to food back.

So, what foods help you last the day without getting hungry?

What do you do instead of butter/spread ? I bought Philadelphia light but that's still two points out my weekly allowance.

So far today I've had crumpets with phily, natural yoghurt with peaches, an ice pole and two sandwich thins with ham and cucumber (no butter!). Feeling OK about that but also first day feeling hard done by!

Any tips and suggestions appreciatedsmile

Maverick66 Wed 05-Oct-16 23:58:55


Up your protein intake. Keep some cooked chopped chicken in fridge to snack on. I find snacking on protein based foods such as chicken, ham, tuna or chickpeas is better than snacking on fruit.

I use Laughing Cow light as a substitute for butter.
I also make a batch of soup at beginning of week and use for lunches.

Cherry tomatoes are also good for snacking on.

I take 30g porridge each morning and add fruit or a desert spoon of granola to give it a bit of a bite.
Drink Plenty of water.

Rich Tea biscuit at 1 point each or an Alpen Light bar at 2 points each are good for a sweet fix.

thehugemanatee Thu 06-Oct-16 00:02:33

Carrots, cucumber, and celery. But I'm trying to cut out snacks altogether. Something simple like yoghurt and piece of fruit for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, and chicken potatoes & broccoli for dinner is sufficient for me.

lornathewizzard Thu 06-Oct-16 10:56:27

Thanks for the replies, sounds good. I'm managing ok so far I think, upping protein is definitely a good idea. And I really must make soup.

Gonna make pasta bolognese tonight so that should be nice and filling

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