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sotired2 Wed 14-Sep-16 14:33:53

Any hints/success stories to help me with the struggle that is loosing weight with PCOS.

Borogoves Wed 14-Sep-16 15:40:46

I have PCOS and WW was great for me, I lost my weight on the old Propoints but restarted last week on SmartPoints. I'm finding that SmartPoints is helping me to reduce the amount of sugar in my diet as sugar really bumps up the point value of a food. I think it is going to be much better for me than ProPoints were.

With PCOS the best thing you can do is try to eat a low GI diet so that you eat foods that release their energy slowly. When I was TTC my consultant prescribed metformin which helped enormously, Have you discussed that with your doctor?

sotired2 Thu 15-Sep-16 08:33:17

My doctor basically said this is what you've got deal with it - I had some how managed TC 2 beautiful DC before realising I really had any issues (for which I am v grateful).

My main problem is weight which if I can get under control I know will help my other symptoms as it has in the past.

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