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Urgent quick query- no count/ f&h

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Carrie482 Sun 28-Aug-16 22:32:06

Hi. I'm planning on doing a no count/ filling and healthy day tomorrow as I've used my weekly allowance and am only on 26 points daily. I was very hungry today and feeling lethargic.

The no count is very similar to Slimming world which I followed for several months.

BUT... I can't get my head around one thing and am hoping you lovely ladies will help me understand.

Cereal- shredded wheat / oats/ wrap/ sandwich thins/ crumpets don't have any sort of allowance. I can't find any information to state exactly the quantity I can have. With SW it was basically one portion daily.

Am I missing something?

Borogoves Mon 29-Aug-16 19:52:52

Sorry, this reply is too late for you today but hopefully will help you in future. With no count you can eat as many portions as you want until you feel satisfied. Obviously if you stuff yourself you won't lose weight but if you eat slowly and mindfully you will soon get to know when a good point is to stop. However I'm pretty sure that the minimum points allowance is 30 so you have been under eating.

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