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HELP! I'm Confused...

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user1471545073 Thu 18-Aug-16 20:24:17

I've just started WW and i'm feeling good but i'm really getting stuck on cooking! There doesn't seem as many recipes as SW that seem appealing. Nothing has potato or pasta...
I'm sticking to my 30sp a day and i'm managing. I don't have a lot to lose to make me feel comfortable about my size but i'm worried that it's going to take me a year to lose a stone which doesn't motivate me sad confused

Thanks for any help!

Borogoves Thu 18-Aug-16 22:04:12

Do you go to meetings or are you doing it online? If you go to meetings you will get three booklets in your new starter pack. The Eat booklet has loads of ideas and recipes. You'll also collect a Your Week booklet each week that has recipes in. There's also lots of recipes in The WW magazine each month. If you look on eSource there are loads of recipes there too. I love the No Count cookbook as every recipe I've tried from there has been a success.

However you don't need to cook any special recipes. You can just adapt your normal food that you like to eat to lower the points value. For example use half the amount of pasta you would normally have and bulk out with vegetables. (I have a spiraliser and use it loads.) The thing that makes WW such an easy plan to follow is that it's not faddy and you can still eat the foods you want to eat but in reduced quantities!

Borogoves Thu 18-Aug-16 22:06:08

Also meant to say that if you stick to it it will take much less than a year. Even if you just lose half a pound a week it will only take you six months.

Blondie95 Thu 18-Aug-16 22:19:18

Hi, yeah I'm only doing it online as I do shift work so it would be so hard to go to meetings!

Thank you for your help. I may have to do some purchasing.

Do you by any chance know what the size is of '1 portion' or 'a serving'.

I'm very confused on it!


Borogoves Thu 18-Aug-16 22:40:55

It depends what the food is really. Pasta would typically be around 60g. If you are looking up a food on eSource and it says one serving then just click on that food and it will bring up all the nutritional info with the serving size at the bottom. You can have any size serving you want. Just weigh it and enter the correct weight on eSource and it will tell you how many points. Expert Chat are always there to help if you get stuck!

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