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So what do I eat??!!

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TooMuchCheesecake Sun 10-Jul-16 20:31:49

Just joined weight watchers online. I'm doing the smart point system. I have never done anything like this before or even bothered to watch what I eat so this is completely new to me! I'm trying to meal plan for the next few days and will go shopping to get what I need tomorrow, but I have no idea what kind of things I should be eating!
Can anyone give me examples of easy meals please? (breakfast, lunch and dinner). I have 30 smart points per day so how many should I aim to use for each meal?
Thanks in advance.

Twowrongsdontmakearight Sun 10-Jul-16 20:49:15

I save my points for the evening because I have less willpower then!

Breakfast is a 0% fat Greek yogurt with fruit (2 points); lunch is a homemade 0 point soup with a sandwich made from a Warburtons brown thin (3pts), a tin of tuna (1pt) and some rocket leaves and more fruit.

In the evening I have a gin and slimline tonic (2pts) and some olives (1pt). That still leaves me with 20 points for dinner. Maybe wholemeal pasta with a puttanesca sauce and salad followed by a meringue nest with 0% Greek yogurt and raspberries.

The key thing is that anything sweet like chocolate or fatty foods like cheese are very high in points but lean protein like chicken breasts, tuna or prawns is really low. Fruit and veg are free so you can fill up on those.

The idea is to get into the habit of healthy eating rather than saving points for junk food! It's not that hard really. I've lost 2 stone so far, quite slowly as I use my weekly points for alcohol, but it does work!

TooMuchCheesecake Sun 10-Jul-16 21:01:19

Thanks Twowrongs. Great examples. This is a real challenge for me as I've always been lucky enough to be able to eat whatever I want, but the last year and a half I've put on 2 stone and would love to lose it again. I don't have much knowledge on nutritional values of food and have never been a health eater!

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