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What happens at WW meetings?

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rosiecam Mon 20-Jun-16 23:09:50

I am thinking of joining WW. I have done slimming world in the past but I don't like the meetings now - my local meeting is huge, it's like roll call at school going through everybody in alphabetical order announcing your weight loss (hopefully), and they are constantly having "taster sessions" where everybody brings food in and you don't know what's in it and it throws me right off.

I do like the food plan and I would go for the No Count thing in WW which looks much the same. But I cannot do it by myself, I need the discipline of going to be weighed every week.

What is a WW meeting like? Do they go through all the attendees losses in the same way? Does WW do similar "taster sessions"?

Borogoves Tue 21-Jun-16 11:19:33

No, they don't go through everyone's weight losses like that. I can't think of anything worse! After weigh our leader tells us the total amount of weight lost. Sometimes she gives out awards to people then and sometimes she leaves the awards to the end of the meeting. The talk lasts about 20 minutes and we talk about whatever we want to talk about. Sometimes it will be about something that we've mentioned to our leader the previous week and asked her to talk about or go over again. Sometimes we talk about what's in that week's Your Week (the little magazine that you get free each week at the scales) A lot of the time it is about what people have come up against during the week and our leader gets us talking about that. Occasionally we have cooking demos which are fun or people come and talk to us I.e. Yoga teacher one week. If you don't want to talk you don't have to and you don't have to reveal your weight loss/gain. Do you really have to do that at Slimming World? shock

rosiecam Tue 21-Jun-16 12:49:53

Yes they do that at SW. I did not mind when the group was smallish, everyone is included, you get a lot of support, and you get a realistic idea of what to expect, like you know you are not the only one ever to have a gain. You don't have to have it announced, you can leave after weighing so you are not included, or you can ask the leader not to mention the amount if you've had a big gain. But with a big group it is tedious!

I will try WW then...

KenDoddsDadsDog Sat 25-Jun-16 22:02:22

My leader does not discuss collective loss or twin just asks certain people to share what they've done and asks if anyone needs support and for tips .
I was not I liked to go and do it online but it has really worked for me having to go every week.

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