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Help me get organised please

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Daftaboutthecat Sat 14-May-16 13:31:56

Just joined ww last week and lost 5 pounds my first week have 5 stone to lose blush
My partner is back next week from work and I plan on batch cooking when he is home for the freezer.
Can anyone give me some food recipes that are easy to batch cook and freeze.
Thank you smile

Resurgo Sun 15-May-16 11:52:34

I need to do this too! It's the only way to stay on the straight and narrow. Who are you cooking for? Just yourself if your partner is away? Or children too? I find food planning can get over complicated because the number of people I need to provide for and what they'll want to eat I'm looking at you unadventurous children can vary day to day. It really helps to have something to pull out of the freezer.

Daftaboutthecat Sun 15-May-16 21:46:49

Hi Resurgo cooking for me and my 2 kids when partner away luckily they aren't fussy which helps. I was thinking of over the next week cooking a batch meal each night to fill the freezer. Mon: chilli con carne tue: bolognese made with turkey mince wed: chickpea curry thu: chicken casserole then I run out of ideas 🙈

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