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Any apps for tracking?

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babyblabber Tue 05-Apr-16 18:56:11

Just rejoined and I used to have an app for tracking but have a new phone & can't remember it!

Are there any apps that make it easy to track. Paid for one called ProTracker but don't know if it's coz it's American or for pro points rather than smart points but it has me on 26 points a day rather than 30. And not sure how to add weekly points.

Also got the WW app and can't even select a region as uk (I'm Ireland but it'll do for now til the Irish one is ready!) is right down the bottom off the screen and I can't scroll down AND select it, so annoying!

Are there any others that work better?

cemay Tue 12-Apr-16 19:43:16

They have updated the app in the last few days, so try updating smile can't help with other apps I'm afraid as I just use the WW app!

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