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Getting On Track is HARD.

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picklypopcorn Tue 29-Mar-16 10:32:38

I've been doing weight watchers since just before Christmas and I've gone from 18st 2lb to 16st 11lbs which I'm very proud of!

However, I missed 2 meetings and gained 6lbs (up to 17.3 again) and since then I'm finding it so hard to get myself back together and on the wagon again.

Any tips?

SquarePotato Thu 31-Mar-16 18:42:32

I'm the same as you, was doing really well then went on holiday & let bad habits creep back in. Then it was Easter weekend & ive not stopped eating, I'm disgusted with myself & can't seem to stop eating rubbish. I'm not even tracking points & darent even think about how much I'm eating but I know I need to stop. I can't get to weigh in this week or next week so I'm panicking that I'll pile on the pounds. I'm dreading the scales & too scared to check. Hopefully someone will be along to give us both some ideas on how to get back in the zone! I was doing great & all of a sudden I just feel like I can't do it sad

s88 Thu 31-Mar-16 19:09:21

I am also the same .

I cant seem to be focused at the moment . I think once the kids are back to school I will be .

1lb on today after easter blush

SquarePotato Thu 31-Mar-16 19:41:28

It's definitely harder when kids are off school. I put on 1lb last half term.
Decided I'll weigh myself tomorrow morning then I know the damage & am planning to try get back to tracking properly. I have been walking & swimming so hoping it won't be as bad as I'm expecting!

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