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Is it worth trying Smart Points?

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RedBlu Sun 10-Jan-16 16:41:43

I joined WW about a year ago but due to ill health, never really got into it, however never cancelled my subscription (online member, tried the group but it was just a bunch of woman gossiping the entire time so wasn't for me)

My health has improved and I want to lose weight, I am currently around 13st 7lb and am 5ft 3in meaning I am classes as obese blush

I am torn between trying SP or going over to Slimming World (which is surprisingly pricey!)

How are people finding SP? It is a lot more restrictive? The one thing I have seen I am not thrilled about is pointing fruit in smoothies/juices. I always have lots of green smoothies/juices for breakfast but they aren't an option is all that fruit has to be pointed! My nutribullet is redundant!

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