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SmartPoints for fruit in a smoothie

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LittleSF Tue 05-Jan-16 15:45:09

So I get the logic that fruit that's used in a smoothie/blended has Smart Points, but does anyone know where I can find out what those points are? Have looked through the book I was given at class today and online but have no idea. Book just says banana = 0 but how do I point it if I use one in my smoothie tomorrow (which I'd really like to - takes the edge off all the green stuff). Same for apple, pear, etc.

Only day one so no real opinion on Smart Points yet but it has made me think just how much sugar was I putting in that smoothie every morning - I don't reckon my handful of spinach and stick of celery was offsetting it.

LittleSF Wed 06-Jan-16 07:33:33

For anyone interested, I used the nutritional info on the bag to point apples (small ones) and pears and they both came out as 3 smart points each when blended.

29PaddingtonSt Wed 06-Jan-16 14:08:58

As a rule each piece of fruit should be counted as 4sp. If you go into recipe builder and tick the smoothie box it will count the points for you.

LittleSF Thu 07-Jan-16 10:26:57

Thanks for that rule of thumb, appreciate it. I'm not in the UK and we don't have access to the recipe builder unfortunately.

But thanks very much for that - my smoothie is now 8 points (myself and my husband split it each morning so 4 points is something I can live with). The previous version was 12 so I've scaled it back a bit. More spinach, less fruit. Next week I'm going to drop the pear and just use frozen fruit, get it down a bit more.

talia66 Sun 10-Jan-16 00:04:22

we do have recipe builder - if you go onto the website - login and go to my foods - at the top there is 3 tabs - Food - Meal and Recipe.
Go to recipe - input all your ingredients and at least one instruction on the recipe. At the bottom you will see smoothie - click that box and then save. It will save the recipe (so handy for tracking) and add it straight to your tracker if you want.

Jonesyswife81 Tue 05-Jul-16 14:06:00

I don't understand why they are being pointed as the fibres are all still in tact and we are still eating the whole fruit!! Juicing and blending are 2 different things juicing detaches the fibres whereas blending doesn't!! Blending is pretty much the same as chewing!! Confused!!

rosiecam Tue 05-Jul-16 18:17:26

I think it's because we can glug down so many more calories in a smoothie than if chewing the fruit.

Girlwiththedragontattoo Tue 12-Jul-16 17:04:21

I'm not sure if it's the same thing but when I was going to a dietician they said your body doesn't have to work to absorbs the sugars from smoothies as all the work has been done for it and you can also drink a lot more fruit than you would eat

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