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ww while pregnant and general ww knowledge

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justonesherryformedicinalpurpo Fri 01-Jan-16 19:49:15

So I'm in early pregnancy. I know it is not advised by WW and as I've never used it I'm not sure how it works. But is there an option to choose maintain weight? Because I thought I could choose that but then mentally add an extra 200cals to daily allowance as per calorie increase recommended for first trimester.

I'm all or nothing. I either eat VERY healthy or I eat VERY badly. And for the past few months it's been the latter. I struggle to find balance. I feel like if I'm being healthy I can't have treats whatsoever which is ridiculous I know but I just can't shift that mindset and so I mostly eat badly.

This is where I'm hoping WW will help. Sounds like a lot of people enjoy what they eat and are allowed naughty items. I think it will help me to follow a plan as I feel that way I will eat healthy but will allow myself to enjoy chocolate treats without the guilt so I won't start binging like usual!

I'm tall so carry weight well so I'm not desperate to lose weight but more to feel good inside and it will also be easier to get back into shape once I've had my baby. And if I'm following the plan and hating sufficient calories I might possibly lose unnecessary fat during pregnancy which is just a bonus.

What do you ladies think? This is my second (will be two babes under two) and Ithought I'd diet once I'd finished breastfeeding 1st LO. Just stopped and fell pregnant again and I can't wait that long until I sort my self out. Plus it's important to eat well during pregnancy and breastfeeding I know and I've never skimped of proper meals and healthy fats but I just feel a plan would really help me.

thanks for any advice!

BifsWif Fri 01-Jan-16 21:01:59

I think SW is allowed in pregnancy? Could you switch to that?

BifsWif Fri 01-Jan-16 21:03:01

Sorry! I didn't realise this was posted in WW chat, it came up in active and here I am recommending a rival slimming plan blush

justonesherryformedicinalpurpo Fri 01-Jan-16 22:07:02

Ha I appreciate the honesty nonetheless wink

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