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Weightwatchers 2016

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fireandblood Wed 30-Dec-15 04:32:55

Does anyone want to join me?! smile I need to lose 3 stone hopefully a stone and but in time for March if I can!

I'm already a member of ww online I have the app and just getting used to the new smart points system! Like a refresh think it will be good to do something new again!

Bought a fit bit with xmas money and had it two days love it already! It updates activity points onto the ww app though I won't be eating these.

Hopefully if anyone joins me we can motivate each other

VK86 Wed 30-Dec-15 04:37:09

I'll join you, I've been a member for a couple of months but haven't really managed to stick to it, so really need motivation as I have a bridesmaid dress to fit into in 7 months.

hilbil21 Wed 30-Dec-15 05:36:57

I've done weight watchers in past and it's worked well, going to start again on 2nd January but stick to old propoints way. Smartpoints isn't for me X

Nothighgaphere Wed 30-Dec-15 06:53:05

Can I join please? I started in September and had lost 13lbs prior to Xmas. I've had 3 weeks off plan now, rather than the anticipated 3 days off. Largely this was down to the introduction of smart points. It was very hard to have to adjust overnight and many of my daily foods have doubled in points. However, I'm over that now and will be starting afresh from tomorrow. My weigh in days are Thursdays. I would like to lose 1 and a half stones by April.

Zook Wed 30-Dec-15 12:49:13

Yes please! I just joined ww online today; I'm abroad so no ww groups or other support so I'd love to join in here. I've never used ww or any diet before but I've gained over 20kg (3 stones) in the last 2 years so i'm just trying to figure it all out and hoping to be able to fit into something other than elasticated waistbands soon!

Good luck everyone!

uppitywho Wed 30-Dec-15 13:00:48

I'm in, joined online a few months ago and lost about 10 lbs , dropped off over christmas and 4lbs on . Need to lose about 3 st .
started at 13st 10lbs
current weight 13st 4lbs blush

loopsylala Wed 30-Dec-15 14:21:43

I've joined online too. I lost 2 stone on PP and put 3 stone back on blush. Find smart points a bit confusing but going to give it a go.

Anyone on instagram? I'm finding it interesting for meal ideas.

fireandblood Wed 30-Dec-15 15:33:06

Yeah! grin the weight watchers boards are dead or they have been the past few months so glad there is few of us doing it on here.

I am 11 stone 13lb and only 5ft 1. My weight has fluctuated all my grown up life but only ballooned after kids. Lost on vintage then lost on pro points and know I can lose on smart points too. Just need to keep it off sometime!!

I work 3 full nightshifts a week and i have a 4 year old 6 year old and a dh. Plus 2 guinea pigs so their is always salad just need to eat it. blush

Well done to everyone who has lost so far and good luck to all new to ww!

VK86 Wed 30-Dec-15 15:54:37

I also started in September at 14st 7lb blush(although I am 5ft 7, so despite my huge weight I don't look as fat as I am)
I lost 6lbs then it was DDs birthday and Christmas etc, so I'm fairly certain I've put all of that back on again, it's been around 4 weeks since I've been to class.
My goal weight is between 10st 7lb and 11stone. So 40lb+ to lose in total shock and I hope to do at least half of it by June.
I've never used Instagram and don't really know where to start with these pages/sites. (Feeling old)

DaleTremont Wed 30-Dec-15 16:20:54

Yes please?! Have been an online member for ages, but am actually going to follow the plan starting next week for a change!

14st 6lb, would like to get to 10st 10lb/11st. I'm 5ft 6in. My weigh day is a Tuesday.

I like the look of Smart Points but also thinking of giving No Count a go, although worried my portions will be too big. I'd love to be at goal by next Christmas.

uppitywho Wed 30-Dec-15 16:42:05

my weigh in is Monday . We will do this fellow ww's

fireandblood Wed 30-Dec-15 17:09:15

Sorry should have said my weigh in day is a Thursday!

And I have Instagram I follow some ww pages on that and occasionally post food though the last food related post was a cheese board not health inspiring !

madwomanacrosstheroad Wed 30-Dec-15 17:18:38

I'd like to join. Am an online member but have not really followed the plan. Have around 1.5 stone to loose.

uppitywho Wed 30-Dec-15 20:08:25

so , I have failed a bit already- still recording points and haven't used the extra ones this week yet , but have had home made chicken Caesar salad and the oil in the dressing was mental on points - and there's still new years eve to go - don't think Monday's weigh will be too positive

madwomanacrosstheroad Wed 30-Dec-15 21:08:19

I have just looked at my fridge and all the nice stuff in there and decided I will start properly on Monday. There are good scales at my work. Until then I will be trying not to pig out completely but my kids have asked for homemade pizza tomorrow....

Stargazing25 Wed 30-Dec-15 21:11:54

Count me in too please! I need to lose 2-3 stone but my will power is at rock bottom! Would be great to encourage each other.

I have the app and am thinking of doing the no count option.

11 stone 10 and only 5'2" so every pound counts!

TaffyandTeenyTaffy Wed 30-Dec-15 21:14:39

I started WW online last Feb and lost 1st 10lbs by July - then regained some so re-joined an started attending a group in November and have now just about got back to where I was.

I have another 1.5-2 stone to go but would really like to lose a stone of that by April when we have a family wedding. I have an underactive thyroid so weight loss is always slow but I am really motivated, attend a great group and have a fab leader. WI is Sunday for me.

Good luck everyone!

uppitywho Wed 30-Dec-15 21:35:03

I say- daily check in with 'no shame even if a fail day' - good luck all - see you tomorrow

CharleyDavidson Thu 31-Dec-15 13:49:38

I joined ww in Nov. I managed to drop from 14st to 13.9 before christmas. I will find out on Monday how much damage I've done, then it's back to it. I want to stick with it until I'm below 11 St this time. I've got to goal with ww in the past, but on the original points. I'm going to be a clerk at the meeting to give me an incentive to keep going in good and not so good weeks.

VK86 Thu 31-Dec-15 14:04:56

I have no intention of starting to count again until Monday.
My first meeting isn't until next Monday however because the council won't open the hall we use on Monday as its a bank hol. So I'll have a week of damage control before going back to class.

CharleyDavidson Thu 31-Dec-15 14:19:53

If you get in contact with the ww Facebook page and send them a private message then you can get your renewal date of your monthly pass pushed back a week due to your class being closed. I asked via live chat on the ww site itself and they said no, that the expectation was that you attended another group. But the ww people on fb were v helpful. All they needed was my username and email address and they amended my card to renew a week later.

VK86 Thu 31-Dec-15 15:15:21

Great thanks I'll try that.
It hadn't even occurred to me tbh, as I have missed the past couple of weeks by choice.
Just looking forward to getting back into it again now. smile

uppitywho Thu 31-Dec-15 17:02:02

going out to pizza express tonight , will have a leggera pizza or a salad to allow for the half a bottle of wine.....

PinkSparklyPussyCat Thu 31-Dec-15 20:55:29

Can I join in please? I lost 2st but have put back on around 1.5st. I've done WW in the past and it's worked for me so I'll be sticking with Pro Points as, due to various health problems, Smartpoints won't work for me.

My weigh in day is Friday but I'm away at the moment so won't weigh in tomorrow but I intend to start pointing tomorrow, even if I go over this week.

ALemonyPea Thu 31-Dec-15 20:59:12

I'm starting Monday. Have done well in the past, need to get back on it.

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