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If you go to the gym in the evenings, what do you eat when?

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Blankiefan Mon 23-Nov-15 22:07:20

Back on ww for the first serious time since becoming a mum. Have lost 4stone twice previously but it's back again and a bit more.

More to think about this time round (what can everyone else eat, not just me). And new time pressure - I remember being able to swan off to the gym whenever... Not now! So, I'm coming home after work, spending time with dd then leaving again after DD's bedtime to go.

I was always a morning gym person - but needs must...

But what to eat? I had some scrambled egg and a piece of toast around 6 tonight then thins/ham/Philly light when I came home... Was ok but I plan to do this 2-3 nights a week... What should I be eating pre & post gym?

Thanks hobbles off to bed, slightly broken from tonight's efforts

BoulevardOfBrokenSleep Mon 23-Nov-15 22:36:26

Well, I've just had a Chinese takeaway lard fest after tonight's session so am probably not the right person to ask, but that was a trade off for dh doing bedtime!

Our trainers always tell us to go home and eat some protein after a class; are you doing weights, cardio or a mix?

Personally, I would lean towards a protein bar as mid afternoon snack (check cals as can be high) followed by something like fish or chicken with veg for dinner. Have you got a slow cooker, or a helpful DP?

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