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Non meat eaters ideas

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gabbybaby Thu 14-May-15 12:09:33

Hi. I'm on week 4 and struggling for ideas! Any vegetarians/fish eaters who can post recipes that they've made that have been yummy and satisfying would be very appreciated. Preferably not huge faffy meals as I work full time and I don't have loads of time to prepare meals, but I love eating a nice, big evening meal! Thanks all

ElviraCondomine Sun 17-May-15 18:07:14

Started 6 weeks ago and I feel so much better when I cook 'proper' meals.

We're a veggie house and tonight we're having the easiest (cheats) curry in the world - onions, mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes, plus canned potatoes and canned chickpeas (1/4 of each can is 2 points) and a jar of sauce (3 points for 1/4 of the jar). With a medium portion of rice and some fat free yogurt (1) it's going to be 11 points total. To make it even quicker use frozen veg. I dry fry spices first and cook the veg with frylight. I've even remembered the fresh coriander.

Tomorrow night we're having pasta with tomato, fresh basil, onion, mushroom and courgette sauce. The sauce is zero points. I have a big portion of pasta and some reduced fat cheese grated over the top. Or do the same with quorn mince for 2 points per portion for the sauce.

I have been having a lot of omelettes with veg filling and a side salad. The WW pancakes with leek and mushroom filling are quite nice.

I work, have 2 DC (both doing exams/ SATS at the moment) and am really busy / stressed / lazy at the moment so I'm not doing anything that takes more than about 20 minutes a night to prepare (plus simmering time).

gabbybaby Tue 19-May-15 12:13:27

Only just realised I have an reply! Thanks Elvira! I also work full time and 2 DC, so exactly the same. We eat fish, so have salmon a couple of times a week, also pasta once a week and jacket potatoes. I usually make a soup at the weekend. Maybe a veggie sausage bake or something with quorn during the week. But running out of options and feeling very bored!

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