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WW newbie points question

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Snowie2 Sun 03-May-15 21:46:29

Hi I started WW last week & am doing the first week of the healthy eating plan without any counting or points. Then next week it's that plus points. Anyway it's a weird week for me as away for work etc so food options are limited.

I had a McDonald's grilled chicken salad with a tiny bit of the Caesar dressing & all of the cheese - how many points would that be anyone ?
Then today had a chicken wrap on an aer lingus flight but it said approx 400cals - how does that translate into the new points?

I've also been bold & eaten some of the lidl packaged brioche rolls :/

Finally I had a duck breast with mustard mash for dinner as both duck & potatoes are on the list. I find it hard to believe that duck is that good as it's so high in fat but delicious smile

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