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Filling & Healthy Random Questions

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MagratsHair Fri 30-Jan-15 12:05:11

Morning all,

I'm giving F&H a go next week as I've been drifting for a while & need to get some motivation back & trying something new usually works. So I've meal planned but I have a few questions if anyone knows please? I haven't touched F&H since I did Simple Start last year so am using all the info from back then...

- Can I use 1% milk instead of skimmed?

- Can I have wholewheat noodles as they are not on the allowed list?

- Are there any excluded vegetables, like carrots or sweet potato?


Slothlorian Sun 01-Feb-15 21:53:48

On the mobile app if u go to 'chat' u can ask questions to an expert

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