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Please tell me about the WW app. And...

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mameulah Thu 03-Apr-14 22:56:23 you have to sign up via the website in order to access it?

Do you use the app AND the website or is the app enough?

And, as someone who is not that hot at computers, is it relatively easy to use?


usuallyfoundinthefastlane Thu 03-Apr-14 23:01:47

You need to sign up (and pay) on the website. That gives you a login that you can use once you've downloaded the app. I use the app to do all point and weight tracking. It keeps you logged in so takes seconds to track what you are eating (i.e. you have no excuse!). I've never done the Simple Start thing so don't know how that works. There are loads of recipes on the app so have a good look round it. If you want to change settings e.g. your weigh in day, you need to go to the actual website. Good luck!

teenybash7 Thu 03-Apr-14 23:08:21

I've used it in the past & found it very useful but I've just started again and the desktop & the app aren't syncing. No idea why!

I do find having the app makes me much more likely to track (when it's working right!), & I'm sure that's the key to success.

A good offer online at the moment - first month £10. And there's always someone at the meetings who'll help you if it's not clear.

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