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Loving my actifry while doing WW

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Bluemonkeyspots Thu 06-Feb-14 14:16:52

Was given it as a present for Xmas and it's my favourite thing ever.

We have the white tefal one and all of a sudden evening meals are easy (always my biggest ww struggle)

We have been having loads of combinations of veg and either using and pointing some oil (chilli, garlic, herb) or just using some garlic and low cal spray oil.

Done loads of chicken/turkey in it as well.

Tonight I'm trying butternut squash and sweet potatoes and hoping they turn out like really tasty healthy chips. Dh has been making normal chips in it this week which look great.

Just wanted to share my excitement with any others that struggle with evening meals grin

bigpaws Tue 25-Feb-14 10:48:18

Considering buying an Actifry. The reviews online would indicate they are worth the money?

Does anyone know if all the Actifrys are 2 tier type ones - if I want to do rice/chips in the base and have the top tray for chicken/veg?


MrsSarahLB Thu 06-Mar-14 12:44:32

I've got ACtifry but we only cook chips in there, haven't tried anything else, oh apart from wedges. But it does make good chips. Not as good as fried chips but much nicer than oven chips. They do take about 40 minutes to cook a full load (1kg) but hubs loves them.

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