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how long will it take to reach goal weight?

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sosooootired Sun 24-Nov-13 11:50:51


I've subscribed online last week and finding it fine... but I can't find any info on the site giving some idea of the typical rate of weight loss I can expect if I follow the program.

am I missing something?

I'm 66kgs, my daily allowance is 26 points and I want to lose 10kgs. I'm keeping to my allowance and doing more exercise...anyone have any idea how long it may take to lose 10kgs?

thanks, apologies for metric measurements too!

KosherBacon Sun 24-Nov-13 20:08:53

I think WW is designed so you lose 1-2lb (450-900g-ish) a week, although you will have weeks where you stay the same or put on weight. You are wanting to get to quite a low weight- if you are 5ft6" or more (170cm) then they wouldn't accept your goal weight as it has a bmi of less than 20. It is also worth noting that if you have less to lose it will take you longer.

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