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Very Peter Kay-esque but crud few days & want to lay down and inhale biscuits - stop me!

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grants1000 Wed 06-Nov-13 20:53:21

I am a sweet tooth addict and want to scoff sweets. Lost 11 pounds so far, don't want to sleep back. Help.

Googlella Wed 20-Nov-13 08:07:16

I know that feeling well. I am trying to make time for myself to plan nice (but healthy) things to eat to stop me sabotaging my efforts at the biscuit tin.
Have been making loads of soups and have a stock of low cal snacks like popcorn for when I get the munchies. I freeze choc bars, so they take a long time to eat.
I am trying to focus on Christmas; I want a few pounds off by then and if I don't manage it, I'll only have myself to blame.
Good luck smile

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