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Please could someone remind me the general rules for ww

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bishboschone Mon 14-Oct-13 17:20:35

I have the calculator and I'm going to have 23 points a day ( have googled that far? But I can't remember if there are any free foods? I'm not going To worry about the extra 49 as I know that but will keep
Blow out ... I'm a gold
Member form years ago but another baby later I joined and didn't get anywhere so
I'm loathed to actually pay again but thought of try at home.. Thanks in advance .

TickledOnion Tue 15-Oct-13 13:43:43

Are you doing old points or propoints? 26 is the absolute minimum for propoints. I upped mine to 29 and eat all my 49 extras and still lose weight.
All fresh fruit (not juices) and all veg except potatoes, sweet potatoes, sweetcorn and peas are free.

TickledOnion Tue 15-Oct-13 13:48:08

If you are doing old points, you don't get an extra 49 and fruit isn't free, only veg.

bishboschone Tue 15-Oct-13 14:18:07

Pro points I think. I have a little red calculator that works out the values in good depending on fibre , carbs etc... Website says eat 23. How long have you been doing it / losing weight ? Do gig have much to
Lose .. This is where I struggle with diets because I do it to the letter and don't
Lose .. Gives me the hump.

TickledOnion Tue 15-Oct-13 17:58:31

Hmm. 23 points definitely doesn't sound right.

You can use this calculator to work it out. Then add on your 49 per week.

This one helps you work out the points in food if you know the nutritional info. The fat number is total fat not saturated fat like in old points.

It works out at roughly 1PP per 40kcals, but more if the item is particularly high in fat e.g cheese or chocolate. Also, half points no longer exist so you have to round up. One old point is worth roughly 2 propoints.


bishboschone Tue 15-Oct-13 18:26:34

Is that the new points system? I'm confused now.

TickledOnion Wed 16-Oct-13 12:51:27

Sorry for confusing you bishboschone. Propoints are the new system.
This link has calculators for both version.

Old points were based on calories and saturated fat.
Propoints are based on carbs, protein, fat and fibre.

The allowance is different and propoints has weekly points as well as daily points.

cloudskitchen Wed 16-Oct-13 20:50:10

I think I paid about £11 for a single months membership. might be worth doing to help you get back into the swing of it. I find the app really helpful.

cloudskitchen Wed 16-Oct-13 20:50:44

* online membership

bishboschone Wed 16-Oct-13 21:04:56

Ah good idea cloud kitchen . I could do with all the books etc .

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