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Combining WW with the 5:2 diet?

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stowsettler Thu 11-Jul-13 19:46:41

Yep Mam, I tried SW but just couldn't get on with it. I'm a GP practice manager in quite a deprived area and we see a LOT of obese people. Our nurses always recommend WW over SW because SW doesn't teach you portion control.

Mamf74 Wed 10-Jul-13 11:08:06

Thank you so much for your really helpful replies.

I guess I was looking into combining the 2 as I'm 40 in 6 months' time and have started to realise that this lifestyle I have now is pretty likely to have major implications as I get older and want to address it before it's too late. I like the aethos on WW for the lower carbs and the brown / wholegrain versions of things and i know I've done it before it worked well.

Stowsettler this is the reservation I have, about od'ing on the non-fast days. This is also the reason I can't see Slimming World working for me, as it's portion size that's one of my downfalls.

Oddbod that's a fab start, and it's definitely spurred me on to put the rubbish food down smile.

ImogensMumJess Sat 06-Jul-13 10:07:02

Another idea is measure your arms, legs, tummy bum etc so that you can check that back in 1/2 months and there you will really see a lossgrinGood luck!!

stowsettler Thu 04-Jul-13 19:58:47

My sister thought of doing this. I confess I would find it too hard to fast for 2 days and diet for the other 5. In terms of nutrition I would imagine that it would be doable, but in terms of sustainability - no way.

Don't make it harder for yourself than it already is - honestly, don't. With WW you have your 49 weekly points which you can use for treats if you want (and I ALWAYS want!) and with the 5:2 you get to eat normally for most of the time. Either approach should work in theory.

What I like about WW is that the weight is coming off slowly, but surely. You WILL lose weight on WW. I have lost previously on WW and it's stayed off. At long last I can say that I am no longer a yo-yo dieter. I'm doing WW again because I had DD 4 months ago and want to lose that final half stone. After that - back to normal eating but incorporating the WW healthy eating and portion control principles.

I've never done 5:2 but I suspect I would binge on the 5 days, because that's how my mind works: "I was good for a whole day yesterday, I deserve some treats today".

Best of luck with your weight loss x

OddBodd Thu 04-Jul-13 12:15:39

I have been wondering the same. I have recently started WW. In the first week I lost 4lbs so I am fairly happy. However in the past I have used the 5:2 diet, the problem is, in theory it sounds good but I am a binger and I tend over eat on the 5 'normal' days of eating meaning I actually maintain my weight rather than lose. Still, it's better than gaining which is what I do otherwise!

I am wondering if it could be combined or actually would it just be too much to stick to points and fast for 2 days. It might push me over the edge!!! Would love to hear anyone elses experience though.

I have 5 and half stone to lose!!! Sounds such a huge amount doesn't it? I am trying to split it up into half stones and reward myself with small (non food!!) treats when I get there. If I lose 3lbs this week that will mean I have lost my first half stone so I am going to the body shop next week to buy myself some nice body butter and some pretty bath stuff to pamper myself with! The next half stone after that, I am wanting my nails done.

Little materialistic treats like that which may keep me going until I actually see the loss in the mirror. I find I get disheartened when I've eaten healthily for a week and I look in the mirror and am still fat! (I know this is ridiculous. It's taken me 10 years and 2 kids to get this fat, it's not going to drop off in a week!) but to keep myself motivated I need to reward myself.

Sorry, wish I had advice but I am watching and will be checking for any advice too.

Mamf74 Thu 04-Jul-13 10:12:52

Hello all,

I need to lose a significant amount of weight (approx 7 to 8 stones) and also change my eating habits for the better. I have done WW in the past with some success, as I found it helped control portion size and generally gave me more awareness of the food I ate.

However I'm also intrigued by the 5:2 approach to eating so was wondering whether anyone had combined the two, or if it was a worthwhile idea?

(I'll post this on both the WW and 5:2 threads).

Tia for any advice.

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