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getting DH to follow WW--3 Stone to lose!

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Lovemynailstoday Fri 31-May-13 16:14:14

Apologies if this has been done already, but any advice would be gratefully received. I have recently lost over a stone with WW--going to meetings and tracking. DH is very overweight and I would love to get him "on the programme". I don't think there's any way I will get him to a meeting, so it will have to be on-line or (wonders if this is wise...) see him through it myself as his mentor. I have worked out how many points he would be on daily, but there's more to it than that, I know.

I'm tired of looking at his tummy and I am proof the programme works. Has anyone else "nursed" their DH through it???? I don't want to have to do it for him, if you know what I mean.

One thing I don't understand about on-line WW is--where do you get weighed? At home on your own scales I presume??? TIA

lovetheweekends Fri 31-May-13 20:59:52

Does he want to loose weight? It sounds like its something that you want rather than him!
Its great that you are 'with the programme' but if he doesn't want to loose weight atm this is not the way to go about it IMHO!
You can certainly make sure the meals you eat at home are healthier and you could try to encourage him to be more active.
Talk to him about it but I know myself that I would hate to be 'forced' into a diet - you need to make that decision for yourself.

Mullinsamy Fri 31-May-13 20:59:58

I do the online one, and have so far lost 34 pounds since January. I use my local Boots scales to weigh in and record.
The online one is good, there are message boards where he can talk to other men and it is great to track everything.

HeySoulSister Sat 01-Jun-13 09:27:11

what does he have to say about it?

Lovemynailstoday Sat 01-Jun-13 14:34:06

Thanks. No, I'm not forcing him, he knows he has a lot of weight to shift. But, he is not proactive about doing so. Head in sand type behaviour. Weight runs in his family and his DF lost a load when my DMIL stepped in and took ccntrol of his diet. I am resisting doing that as frankly don't have the time or energy. He is very IT oriented and so I am hoping WW on line will appeal.

I am on a bit of a "high" with my WW sucess and I was hoping he would pick up on that and do it too. I don't want to nag him into it, though.

Does anyone have a DP/DH on WW at the mo?

Lambzig Mon 03-Jun-13 09:50:02

I have been doing WW for eight weeks and have lost a stone. DH has lost 12lbs without following it at all. I guess because i am cooking low fat, low carb meals in the evening, there is no junk in the house, I am not opening a bottle of wine the minute the kids are in bed, so I haven't bought any, there are low fat soups always available so he takes some for work, I am walking everywhere so he does too.

Can you do something like this, or will your DH go and eat separate meals?

I am not as nice as you and am completely annoyed that he gets the benefits without even trying. He is stealing my diet.

Lovemynailstoday Mon 03-Jun-13 19:32:22

Thanks all. We have had a chat and he's agreed to a trial week to see if he can stand it. The DC are at school camp right now, so meals are so much easier for a few days at least. I am prepared to hand hold initially, but would really like him to say ,"wow, this is easy" and do it himself. As we all know, WW does work--you've just got to bloomin do it.

HoneyandRum Wed 05-Jun-13 07:06:35

As Lambzig said you can help by creating a more healthy home and kitchen. Ask him to join you on a 30 minute walk each day, don't have junk food lying around, make healthy snacks like fresh fruit salad etc. Don't nag but do compliment him on any progress. I have never had anyone "put me on a diet" my DH has stayed the same weight while I have fluctuated with three pregnancies. He has only ever given me compliments and love - I can't imagine him telling me I need to lose 3 stone when there were times I had to lose that weight and more! Be kind, be loving.

STIDW Tue 11-Jun-13 20:37:54

A couple of years ago I lost half my weight (10.5 st!) just doing WW online and after it started to creep back I've lost another 3.5 st since January. So it is possible and, yes, you need the discipline to just weigh yourself at home and be honest. However from my experience to keep motivated it really needs to be something you decide to do yourself.

blackbirdatglanmore Sun 16-Jun-13 15:11:32

Stid, that's bloody incredible!

How long did it take you to lose it?

STIDW Tue 25-Jun-13 16:34:52

17 months! I decided one day if I didn't do something about my weight I was never going to and that if I tried to lose 2lbs a week for a year that would be 7 st. After a year I found it wan't too bad so just kept going. smile

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