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2013 Weight Watchers Thread #3

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jazzcat28 Wed 03-Apr-13 10:53:11

Right thought I should put up a new thread as we were getting close to filling up the old one!

Useful Notes and Links:

HD = Hairy Dieter's Recipe Book. Circa £7.00 on Amazon and full of yummy low WW point recipes

We share our yummy low point recipes on this thread

We track our losses weekly on this online spread sheet

The spread sheet also has a tab containing all the WW points for every single recipe in the HD book, courtesy of the lovely OhTheConfusion (for working them out) and AddictedtoCrunchies (for having the foresight to paste them in the spread sheet)

Here's to another thread of amazing losses ladies!!

AddictedtoCrunchies Thu 11-Apr-13 17:56:08

I have never in my life stuck to a regime as well as this one. And I know it's almost all to do with being on this thread.
Knowing that you are all on my side, supporting me whether I'm good, bad or indifferent makes such a massive difference to me and truly keeps me on track. Also all your lovely comments about my running and how well I've done have also inspired me to keep going.

I'm determined to continue and get to a healthy weight - my days of being overweight are almost gone.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support thanks

jazzcat28 Thu 11-Apr-13 19:38:47

That's the spirit confusion and crunchie!!! We can't be perfect 100% of the time, life is too complicated. I put on 1lb last week and my mum said "well look at it this way, you're still 17lb lighter than you were in January"

A colleague at work is doing a diet via myfitnesspal and finds it more motivating to track her loss/gains on a monthly cycle rather than weekly. She'd done WW on and off for years but found her mind couldn't cope with the weekly weigh in and the guilt if she put on a small amount one week. So now she looks at it monthly and finds it a great motivator to say "I've lost 8lb this month" and she knows she will have fluctuated within the month, but overall it's a fab loss. Goes against the WW way of doing things but might work for some?

Also clothes are a big indicator of loss if the scales don't... I put on 1lb last week but today wore a pair of size 18 trousers that just fit me when I bought them end of Jan and now they're hanging off me! grin

Had a yummy dinner tonight - salmon, craime fraiche and pea tagliatelle. Basically cooked a salmon steak then flaked it, cooked pasta and peas, mixed together with 2 tbsp craime fraiche and some lemon juice.

It's meant to be a heatwave next week ladies!

OhTheConfusion Thu 11-Apr-13 21:24:19

Awww, we are a sentimental lot today... but on a serious note you are all fab. I love my WW buddies, wish we were all closer for a skinny ladies meet up!

I just made HD crispy chicken (but with turkey), 100g of mash and a lovely tomato, garlic, mushroom and rocket 'sauce'. It was delicious and really filling.

I think I have figured out my pedometer... although it resets at noon?!?!?! from noon till now I have gained 6 activity points grin.

poorpaws Thu 11-Apr-13 23:25:19

I typed a long post last night but some how it got lost in the system and didn't work.

Thank you so much Crunchie, its so kind of you to offer your pedometer but I am having a word with my leader tomorrow as I think the clip must have been faulty to have lost it after an hour.

I am also very upset with WW customer services who were supposed to ring me on Monday and didn't (they never return calls) so I am not buying any more WW stuff at meetings. I usually spend a fortune on chilli, chocolate bars (lots), magazine etc. I am very upset with WW in general but our actual meetings (tomorrow early evening) are so lovely (and I've met so many fantastic people some of whom have become friends) so I just can't give up my weigh ins. Hoping our leader will listen and try to help with my complaints/constructive criticism.

I'd just like to add to our "love in" tonight I think you are all great, very friendly, very helpful and supportive. Hope this thread runs for a long, long time. Well done to all and thank you.

poorpaws Thu 11-Apr-13 23:32:14

Oh and for those who bought the pedometers this week, when they stay clipped on, I find them a great help. The one I bought on Friday (and lost on Tuesday) was proof of this comment. I used it on Saturday, Sunday and Monday and was so much more active. I kept checking it and doing a bit more and because I was working more I actually ate less. The rest of the week since losing it I've hardly done any exercise at all and spent more time sitting around and mindlessly eating. If only I could buy one and actually keep it on I think I would do so much better in my weight loss.

onthemetro Fri 12-Apr-13 10:19:03

I love my pedometer, though I haven't been wearing it much lately (once I start forgetting it I find it really hard to get back in the habit!)

Once I walked around London all day and by the time I'd come home (with aching feet) I'd done almost 20 APs grin it's really motivating.

I accidentally kicked mine really hard the other day, I was walking and it fell off my belt but I didn't realise and I kicked it as I was walking blush it seems to be ok, I think it was because I was wearing leggings and the waistband is sort of...floppy, iykwim?

Adding to the soppyness - I love this thread too, you're all v.inspiring and lovely and it's great to be able to talk to people who understand WW as my friends couldn't give a crap grin

backinaminute Fri 12-Apr-13 15:40:46

I know what you mean Metro about RL friends. I also quite like not talking about it with other people and just gradually getting slimmer.

I'm quite motivated this week. I had WI last night and lost another 3.5lbs which takes my total since starting to 2.5 stone. I'm so chuffed. I'm actually 3 stones lighter than I was this time last year. I somehow lost weight while I was pregnant with 19 week old ds which is what spurred me to carry it on and join WI rather than spending mat leave eating cake.

I am 30 and have been a size 18 since I left uni at 21. My clothes however were getting tighter and tighter and I had quite a few 20s in my wardrobe. This morning I have been and bought a selection of jeans in a size 14!!! And some tops that are size 16. I've also bought a belt from Next which was an 'M' - that's not been the case since I was a teenager. Literally non of my clothes fit!

I know this sounds really boasty (and is a bit) but I know you guys 'get it'. To be fair, so does my mum which is lovely.

I think the 3 big things making it easier is bf ds2 and couch to 5k. I completed week 6, run 3 at 6am this morning which is a 25 minute block. 3 months ago it was inconceivable that I could do that.

The third thing is this thread. I have a RL friend who I joined the same time as who has stopped going. Someone else close is really struggling on a different diet so I don't feel like I can't show how pleased I am in RL as people think I'm bragging, which I suppose I am but I'm just quite chuffed with myself. I'm also really pleased with everyone here for us all sticking it out this long and being so lovely in the good times and the rubbish times. grin

rightsaidthread Fri 12-Apr-13 16:31:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AddictedtoCrunchies Fri 12-Apr-13 16:45:14

Backinaminute that's a great loss - well done. My weigh in is tomorrow and I'm hoping for my first stone but I'm not sure it'll happen.

jazzcat28 Fri 12-Apr-13 17:11:04

backinaminute that is fantastic! Well done you! Feel free to boast away... this is what this thread is for!

I'm looking forward to a good WI tomorrow. It'll be the first Saturday morning in almost a month where I haven't had some sort of party/wedding/night out/meal out to blame my poor weigh in on.

Can I have my own little boast... just had to put away some jeans today that are DP size 16 as they keep falling down!! still size 16 in most other things tho Am going to wait to buy any more just in case DH and I are lucky in the TTC business but still, a little milestone which is making me happy today grin

jazzcat28 Fri 12-Apr-13 17:12:09

crunchie forgot to add - thinking light and fluffy thoughts for you and me both tomorrow morning smile

OhTheConfusion Fri 12-Apr-13 17:13:50

Well done Backinamin! I am the same as you.... almost 30, size 18 and lost weight whilst pregnant and decided to keep going. Sadly I needed surgery last year when DD3 was 5mths and the recovery went to pot a little. I have lost 13.5lb (was 14.5 but I gained this week blush) and my size 16 jeans are getting big!!! Your not boasting, it is encouraging grin.

Livinginorganisedchaos Fri 12-Apr-13 17:44:04

Well done, Backinaminute, that is a great loss and how exciting to be going down a size. It makes you feel fantastic when you slip into those smaller jeans.

I weighed in today for the first time in 3 weeks. I have lost 1/2 lb which was fairly unexpected after my Easter holiday drinking and eating out for 10 days but I guess that is the only flip side to the last 3 days suffering with a stomach bug.

So, I am feeling better and starting to eat more normally so I plan to start pointing again this weekend and hopefully back into get running, It is DS 3rd birthday tomorrow so once again I expect I will splurging all my weeklies over the weekend but it will be good to get back into the habit of pointing again.

I also want to add my thanks to everyone on this thread as I am sure I would have lost interest in this long ago if I didn't have this thread to check into and keep me motivated.

AddictedtoCrunchies Fri 12-Apr-13 20:07:39

must not eat chocolate must not eat chocolate must not eat chocolate blush

poorpaws Fri 12-Apr-13 21:29:59

Addicted, I'm eating a Crunchie tonight, I've saved it all week for after my wi.

I've lost 1 lb and gained a pedometer, yay, RESULT. I sent my leader quite a few texts today and explained what had happened with the three pedometers. She rang her boss and explained and I was given a new one free of charge at my meeting tonight. I'm so happy because I was treated so badly by WW customer services. (I complained to my leader about the way I was treated and she has received a lot of complaints about them).

So tomorrow I will set up my new pedometer and be offffffff.

Good luck to the ladies (are we all ladies?) who have a weigh in tomorrow, will await your results with crossed fingers.

AddictedtoCrunchies Fri 12-Apr-13 23:39:29

Paws a crunchie is allowed - in my honour.
Can I suggest you tie your pedometer on this time? Like a bungee.
My weigh in will be rubbish. sad

OhTheConfusion Sat 13-Apr-13 10:24:56

Wish there was a like button... but in it's absence can I second Crunchie's suggestion for Poorpaws to tie on her pedometer wink.

DH is taking DS and DD1 swimming this afternoon so DD2 (a complete swimming pool hater - yet would live in the bath) and I are off on a 10K walk. Hope you all have something nice planned for the weekend.

jazzcat28 Sat 13-Apr-13 10:27:44

I lost 3lb this week!! grin

Very pleased. Had Pizza Hut delivery too. Am starting to wonder whether having something fatty (within my weeklies) mid week is kick starting my fat burning?? Every week I eat pizza on a wednesday I lose a good amount of weight.

<considers writing pizza diet book>

Crunchie how did you get on???

Doretaball Sat 13-Apr-13 14:17:18

Well done everyone for some great losses. I've been keeping away from the thread because I haven't been very good. I can't seem to stop eating choc at mo.

My OH is a teacher and on school hols but he's been poorly and so I've had the girls to look after and him in bed. I know I have them all the time when he's working but somehow it seems much harder work when he gets to lie in bed! Ridiculous thinking because I wouldn't want to swap places with him!

Anyway, am so glad I popped back on the thread as you've all reminded me why we're doing this in the first place. I had a sneaky peak on scales this morning and I'm 2lb up but have started today afresh and will WI on Monday as normal and keep going. Having OH around does knock my routine so will be easier from Monday when he's back at work.

I will run twice next week too. There, I've said it so I must do it so I don't let you all down.

AddictedtoCrunchies Sat 13-Apr-13 15:55:31

I failed to resist the chocolate but managed to stay the same. grin

I'm on my way to the airport to fly to Jersey for a netball match tomorrow.

Well done Jazzcat, you're doing so well x

jazzcat28 Sat 13-Apr-13 17:48:16

Crunchie staying the same is great - better than putting on! I reckon it's all the exercise you're doing - you are turning flab into muscle wink Do you eat all your activity points?

I have to admit that this week looks like great progress, but it comes after about 4 weeks of losing 1lb, putting on 1lb, staying the same etc. So really I haven't made much progress in a month.

Made a bit of a discovery in Tescos today. Warburton's sandwich thins and square wraps are on 2 packs for £2 (6 in a pack). The sandwich thins are 3pp and the wraps 4pp each. Freezable too. Look like a fab alternative to bread. Might make the square wraps into some sort of pizza (tomato puree, sprinkle of cheese, ham, mushrooms, veg etc). I'm getting fed up with tins of soup at work so if I can try these for a bit I might not lose momentum. I find a novel new product always spurs me to stick to the plan for a week!

By the way to all you ladies who are dreading the scales after the school hols, let me share an experience from my group today. The lady in front of me in the queue was telling me how she'd got back in her car twice this morning before plucking up the courage to go in. She had missed class for 3 weeks. She jumped on the scales and had lost 1lb since her last weigh!! She was over the moon and it just goes to show you can have a good time and yes it will dent your loss if you go by weekly weights, but over say a month you're still within a good chance of being lighter than the start of the month.

Rant over, time to open the wine for the evening xx

AddictedtoCrunchies Sat 13-Apr-13 18:09:15

Jazz I'm definitely toning up. Much less flab than before so something's working smile

poorpaws Sat 13-Apr-13 22:45:49

Addicted, unfortunately the one Crunchie turned into two last night and a Daim bar!

Great minds everyone, cos I've pinned the pedometer to my waist band (tied on the lanyard and then pinned that to my trousers) so hopefully I will keep this one safe.

Planned a long dog walk today but it has never stopped raining and its so depressing. It got to this evening and I realised the first day with my new pedometer and I'd hardly done any steps, so I turned the TV off and got on my treadmill. Now this treadmill is a bit of a joke. I bought it about 3 years ago and it has only been used a handful of times (it was actually piled high with rubbish). I would like you all to pester me regularly about this treadmill cos it just sits in the spare room, was a complete waste of money and I'll find any excuse not to use it so I need your help.

Well done everyone.

bigTillyMint Sun 14-Apr-13 07:02:58

Have just caught up on this thread - well done everyone - it is great to read that your clothes are getting too bigsmile

I have a pedometer somewhere - must dig it out and put in a new battery!

Well, I managed to lose a couple of pounds on holiday!!! So only a couple to go to reach my goal (and then the challenge of staying there!) but I am very jetlagged and so not sleeping/eating more and am feeling very unfit. Will get to the gym later. And dig out the Shred DVD maybe smile

MrsRudyRudpoo Sun 14-Apr-13 10:01:31

Hi everyone.
I'm back after an Easter binge blush

lost only a pound last week, and gained it back again this week, my first gain since i started ww. So cross with myself, i am a bridesmaid next weekend which is part of the reason i signed up in the firstplace so to be putting on weight now is so stupid!

Had my dds birthday and easter, also had family staying so felt i had to have treats in for them but my willpower could not handle it! Have been tracking this week though and staying with in points so hoping for a loss on tuesday. Im 13st 2lbs and would love for my weight to start with a 12!

I bought a new dress this week for a night out i have planned in May and i'm so looking forward to wearing it, dp said i looked lovely and that it was really slimming. Might not seem like much but i sometimes dread nights out because i feel so fat and uncomfortable next to all my skinny minnie friends, so to be excited is a big deal!

Need to keep reminding myself that im 21lbs lighter than i was mid Jan and that there's going to be bumps in the road, i just struggle when ive eaten something 'bad' not to think 'bugger it, this week's a right off'.

Having read the whole thread i think lots of us have found easter a struggle though, im looking forward to normality resuming tomorrow with dd back at school!

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