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2013 Weight Watchers Thread #3

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jazzcat28 Wed 03-Apr-13 10:53:11

Right thought I should put up a new thread as we were getting close to filling up the old one!

Useful Notes and Links:

HD = Hairy Dieter's Recipe Book. Circa £7.00 on Amazon and full of yummy low WW point recipes

We share our yummy low point recipes on this thread

We track our losses weekly on this online spread sheet

The spread sheet also has a tab containing all the WW points for every single recipe in the HD book, courtesy of the lovely OhTheConfusion (for working them out) and AddictedtoCrunchies (for having the foresight to paste them in the spread sheet)

Here's to another thread of amazing losses ladies!!

Neeko Wed 08-May-13 15:34:49

Well done rightsaid It's always great to break a barrier. smile

flatmouse Wow! you really have done well. Bet you're walking taller and smiling more too. It's strange how much of our lives can be tied into our personal body image. Really hope we get the weather for all those dresses!

jazzcat28 Wed 08-May-13 21:31:41

Well done on stone barrier smash thread!

I'm on a downer tonight. Crappy day at work, 4hr round commute in the car, dwindling hope of my BFP this weekend and so ordered a Chinese blush

I have pointed it and if I stick to my dailies tomorrow and Friday should be ok but not hopeful for hitting my 2st milestone now...

Boot up backside needed.

Neeko Wed 08-May-13 22:07:34

jazz sounds like you're being a bit too hard on yourself. This is your first month ttc, isn't it? You may well be pregnant but if you're not you just get to do the fun part again next month wink I was pretty obsessed focussed on getting pg with dd2 after a miscarriage and could share some things you could try if you need them next month. However hindsight is a wonderful thing and I wish I had just relaxed a bit and let nature take its course. (I understand that's easy for me to say now I have my children)
My long-winded point is to be kind to yourself. Sorry for babbling blush

AddictedtoCrunchies Wed 08-May-13 22:44:18

Jazz here's the Crunchie size 9. Get back on the wagon from tomorrow. And as for Saturday,what will be will be x

AddictedtoCrunchies Thu 09-May-13 08:06:14

I'm going away tomorrow with no access to scales so changed my weigh in this week to today and... I've lost another lb!! That's 1st 3lb since I started in January. 17lbs. I'm soooo chuffed. Dragging myself out to run in the rain last night obviously helped.

Have a good day all smile

flatmouse Thu 09-May-13 08:17:51

jazz - I really hope you managed to relax and enjoy your Chinese (nothing like having a big pointer and then not enjoying it because you feel guilty). Totally agree with Neeko about being kind to yourself - keep in mind that a 2st milestone is HUGE (i'm 4 1/2 lbs off and can't wait), so even if you don't hit it this weekend you are still doing well.

Crunchie, excellent! I wimped out of WI when i was away with no scales - well done. I ran last night too (not your standard yet!) - training run 7, up to 7m run, 2 m walk. Hopefully only a few weeks off 5km but trying to be sensible and not push it. Vaguely following the BUPA plan.

TickleMyTitsTillFriday Thu 09-May-13 08:39:08

Well done, I wish i was where you all are! I will get there I guess....I will try that banrock wine, but bizarrely I'm not missing it? I shall embrace this wink

Lost 4.5lbs for my first week, pretty happy with that!

jazzcat28 Thu 09-May-13 09:48:30

Thanks for your supportive posts. I'm a bit of a control freak personality and must admit I'm finding the whole mother nature TTC lottery a bit difficult to get my head around! I know I need to relax and stop pressurising myself (and DH) but just don't know how to...

I think I'm going to focus on WW as the planning and tracking seems to satisfy my urge to control stuff, and try to avoid getting my hopes up. It is only our first month of trying and in reality the longer it takes the more weight I can lose and more money we can save so I guess it's good really.

The Chinese was ok but I actually said to DH after that it wasn't as satisfying as I thought it would be, considering all the pp it used up! Maybe WW has changed my eating habits for good?!

AddictedtoCrunchies Thu 09-May-13 12:07:16

Jazz maybe so. I find I can't eat as much and, if I do, I feel horrible afterwards.

If you're pregnant then you'll have a blue line and we'll all be over the moon for you. If not, it's another month of TTC shagging wildly, counting pp and saving £.

I believe in fate so if it's meant to be, it will be.

You've done so well so far, just focus on the weight you have lost and the rest will fall into place.

I am off on a wild weekend to Pontins (!) this weekend and plan to survive on wine, cider and crisps. All bets are off from 4.45 tomorrow but I will be logging on via phone Sat am for the POAS result. I will be playing netball all day Sat and Sun so hopefully that will offset some of the junk I plan to eat. Although my new mindset will probably mean I'll be craving carrots or something green smile.

MrsRudyRudpoo Thu 09-May-13 12:52:54

Hello weight watchers!!

So glad to see youre all still here, ive not posted much recently but ive been staying on track and broke the 2 stone barrier on tuesday! im 12.8 now too, so should definitely make the 12.7 challenge!

Jazz- wishing you lots of luck and positive thoughts your way!

Im thinking of switching to online only membership as weve bought some decent scales now but worried i might lose motivation if dont go to meeting. What does everyone else do?

I know what some of you mean about getting a bit stuck in a rut with lunches, i seem to have salad or soup every day!

jazzcat28 Thu 09-May-13 13:28:21

smile you're right crunchie what will be will be and at least we get to enjoy trying for another month!!

I've set up this thread in chat for those of you who want to know the result on Saturday

mrsrudy I honestly only go to WW meetings because I know their scales are accurate and I've been weighing with the same set of scales since day 1. I very rarely stay for the discussion afterwards. So for me, I could easily switch to online only. Would just have to invest in scales (which you've already done) and accept that the first WI using them might be strange in comparison to the previous scales.

It's the app, recipe builder on the WW site, and this thread which keeps me going.

flatmouse Thu 09-May-13 15:10:41

Oooh Jazz i'd best go mark my place on your thread smile
MrsRudy i only do online - i did WW about 15 yrs ago and went to the meetings and loathed it - certainly it wasn't motivating in any way shape or form (I realize that that comment is specific to ME and the meetings i went to - certainly others have said how good they are). I'm motivated by my results (see further up the thread where i had a bit of a me cheerleader moment)

AddictedtoCrunchies Thu 09-May-13 16:53:43

I only do it online. Hate going to meetings. I use this thread as my support network smile

jazzcat28 Thu 09-May-13 19:12:00

Well I feel totally shit now. Got home to find AF has arrived in full force 1 day early.

blush sad blush sad blush

Will ask MN to remove the POAS thread.

Onwards and upwards and wine opened

Sorry for the hype ladies, what can I say, I feel really silly and wish I hadn't said anything at all. I have learnt my lesson and am focusing 100% on WW and the baby making will just happen and I will just see how it goes.

Totally blush and sad at same time.

Furball Thu 09-May-13 19:31:43

Jazzcat sad

Neeko Thu 09-May-13 20:37:31

Oh jazz don't be blush. It's natural to be excited about ttc..Try to put this on its head: technically if you fall pg this month today will count as day 1 of your pregnancy and by the time you are ready to poas you could have lost another 7lbs. Enjoy the wine (but remember to count it wink )

Hi to everyone else.

AddictedtoCrunchies Thu 09-May-13 21:47:43

I'm sorry jazz but as Neeko says, don't be embarrassed. We're here for you no matter what.

Onwards and upwards and happy shagging x

backinaminute Thu 09-May-13 22:00:08

Oh Jazz, please don't be despondent. This is what mumsnet is for surely?

I'm not sure if it helps but when we ttc ds1 we just shagged loads on the basis that it might happen and we would try properly if it didn't. Probably more than you need to know but it was lovely, potential for a baby but no pressure. Don't be sad about it but it's hard not become obsessive. I totally get the whole control aspect grin. Have some wine while you still can as I'm sure you'll be on the wagon soon enough.

I've been to WI and have lost 2 completely undeserved pounds. I can only assume that my huge 5mo ds2 is drinking me dry. I've well and truely fallen off the wagon - think mcdonalds yesterday and dominos tonight. I just need to start afresh.

Running has also fallen by the wayside, I've not done any proper exercise for 10 days because dp has switched roles at work and now on shifts and it's sent me all over the place too - trying to work my way through with two small children when I'm a creature of routine. I think that's what has sent me all over the shop.

I know it sounds daft because I've still lost but I know that at this rate as soon as ds2 cuts down his feeds I'm going to stack it all back on really quickly. I'm also a little bit sad at how fast I've fallen back into old habits when I've been so strict with myself with tracking, weighing and generally sticking with ww for so long.

My body does feel like crap though. I can't believe I'm actually missing exercise grin

poorpaws Thu 09-May-13 23:10:08

Jazz thinking of you and sending lots of love. Don't exclude us next month if you think you could be pg again, I for one enjoyed your posts and excitement. Relax, it will happen.

Backinamin ~ I was just like you last week so I know just how you feel. I really lost the plot but am back now and I'm sure you will be too cos you know it's all worth it.

MrsRudy ~ how about WW bread and make a sandwich for lunch, or beans or poached egg on toast. I think I stopped losing the weight because I was eating all the same foods and my body get used to it. Will report back after tomorrows wi if changing food choices has made any difference this week. I've been eating more fish for a change and seem to have more ppts to play with by the end of the evening.

Crunchie ~ Hope your week has improved and you're enjoying Pontins. Damn right you'll get in that dress.

Tickle ~ you'll get where we are. I've been at this a long time now so be positive, you know you can do it.

Who ever asked ~ I do go to meetings and have had 3 leaders now but this last one just bores me (it's more like a lecture than a meeting) so from tomorrow I've decided to go and weigh, buy the WW chocolate bars, say hi to the lovely friends I've made there and come home before she starts her lecture. In fact one or two of us are talking of going for a coffee and chatting rather than listening to the leader. I think that will be a bit like coming on here because everyone will have some input.

NoWayNoHow Fri 10-May-13 07:59:23

Hey all

Firstly, ((hugs)) for Jazzcat. Please don't feel blush - you're perfectly entitled to be excited about a new phase in your life. It only happens instantly for a few, so just draw a non-food-related Crunchie line under this month, and focus on WW and being healthy for now!

Sorry I've not been updating on this thread as much as I ought, but we're moving house tomorrow so it's all slightly panic stricken stressed here!

Anyway, just a quick packing interlude to report a 1.5lb loss! That was after using my weeklies and more on the weekend. I guess lugging books around to box up helps!

jazzcat28 Fri 10-May-13 14:27:21

Thanks for the lovely words everyone... Was a bit down in the dumps last night but back to reality today. Was struggling to find an outfit (clean) to wear to work this morning and tried on a pair of trousers that hadn't fit for 2years - I'm sat at my desk in them now smile so after yesterday's low I'm back on a high.

Well done noway ! Hope the move goes well

Doretaball Sat 11-May-13 14:40:57

Really glad you're feeling a bit more cheery jazz.

I only ever seem to log on to say that I've been rubbish and say that I'm back on the wagon, only to fall off again straight away. How do I break this cycle, I didn't even manage 2 days this week. And like you, backinaminute am only not putting on weight because DD2 is drinking me dry. Am expressing too as we're now doing bottle and boob, but I know I've only got another week or so before I stop that, will then pile on pounds again. Aggghhhh!

Any tips gratefully received, especially as I seem to be so hungry all the time.

Thank you.

poorpaws Sat 11-May-13 22:26:43

Before I start I apologise for the "me, me" theme here but I'm devastated.

I went for the wi last night eventhough I wasn't feeling well because I just knew I had lost at least 2lb and possibly even 3lbs.

Last week I had been so good. I'd changed my food pattern eating far more protein, changed some of my chocolate bars for apples. I'd stuck to my 26 ppts per day (except on two days I only had 24). I used only 18 weekly points out of my 49 and earned 28 activity points (which is unheard of).

So I went to wi in a most fantastic mood only to have stayed the same weight.

This sent me into an eating frenzie last night (63 ppts) as noone (including my leader) could give me an explanation. I've also had a binge from hell day today.

So I've decided to just try to maintain for a few weeks (maybe go up to 32 ppts per day). Then hopefully when I go back to 26ppts I will start to lose again.

If its ok with everyone though I still want to come on here daily to check your news and progress. I'm just so low about myself but am not giving up permanently, I just need a break to sort myself out after such a huge disappointment when I had worked so hard.

Good luck to all of you, have a good week.

Doret ~ don't give up and ignore me, I'm just having a break cos I've been at this so long. Stay focused, it's worth it.

jazzcat28 Sun 12-May-13 09:25:19

Poor paws please don't give up and most definitely keep coming on here. I understand your frustration, but sometimes I think our bodies just need a kick start every few months. I think your suggestion of maintaining then dropping back to 26p is a good idea. I would also suggest using all your weeklies so your body doesn't go into starvation mode and start conserving fat rather than burning it. We are all here for you flowers

I put on half lb yesterday but not surprised as had bank hol BBQ, Chinese mid week and a friend over for dinner Friday night with wine. Hoping this week I'll be better. Next sat night DH is taking me out for a posh meal at a swanky Italian where I'm not even going to try to point as it'll be depressing. So perhaps the next fortnight is a write off already but I'm determined to stick to it when I can to limit the damage.

Went to Harvester yesterday and most of their menu is in the app pointed up so made choosing really easy. Ideal for family meals out.

AddictedtoCrunchies Sun 12-May-13 14:53:08

Paws I'm sorry you're sad sad. But I agree with what you're doing. Hopefully it will kick start you.

I survived a weekend at Pontins. Cider crumpets toast chocolate crisps wine chips pizza and sweets. But I have been running about all weekend so hopefully not too bad. Back on the wagon tomorrow. I look like this too >angry Windburn. Not a good look wink

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