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how many calories in a WW point please?

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dinny Mon 21-Jan-08 12:52:07

thank you!

Furball Mon 21-Jan-08 12:57:37

not sure it works like that? when i did WW calories weren't mentioned

MissusH Mon 21-Jan-08 13:01:00

the points are worked out on both calories and saturated fat so don't think there is a straight answer...

dinny Mon 21-Jan-08 13:01:11

no, it's not, but I want to count calories and can only count in points, does that make sense?

dinny Mon 21-Jan-08 13:01:51

kinf of looking just for an ish - like, how many 18 points a day equates to - am doing diet that is calorie controlled and hate the online counting thing

pralinegirl Mon 21-Jan-08 19:53:55

I asked this on the on-line WW and was told 1 point is about 70 calories-ish. So 18 points is 1260 calories, which is actually not a lot. Personally I lost about 1.5 stone last year using WW but never stuck to 18 points - could not eat so little. I did do exercise quite a lot though.
Am shocked - built my own recipe for risotto after cooking and eating and it said 15 points! Cheese is the devil on WW!If my points balance were my bank balance they'd be taking this computer away! shock

TiddlerTiddler Mon 04-Feb-08 23:19:58

Thank god you have pointed that out! I just started WW today. And I ate 52 points. Yes - 52 points. It was a bit of splurge day, so I knew I would be high, but even on a splurge day that was a shocker. No wonder I have put on weight since baby was born!

I know I need to reduce, but I honestly could see how you could manage 18 points, even on a good day.

I guess someone does it. But at least I won't be beating myself up if I come down to the 20s and don't get under the magic 20 number. Looks like anything in the 20s is a result.

I wonder what is a "normal" day for people on WW points...

colditz Mon 04-Feb-08 23:26:37

Ok ... for week beginning 15/01/08

Daily points allowance 21pts


BREAKFAST shreddies 2.5 pt
LUNCH 240g haddock (raw weight), carrots, broccoli, 100g potato 4 pt
DINNER WW Lasagne, salad, 2x bread 6pt
SNACK 1 sugar 0.5, 1ww dry toast 0.5, half a pint skimmed milk 1 pt
TOTAL 14 points

Copious vodka and diet lemonade, but did have about 16 points saved from previous week, and I am not a heavy drinker ... I admit I didn't measure thiswink Didn't eat anything else


BREAKFAST toast and spread, coffee and sugar, 3.5 pt
LUNCH 100g potato, 1 drained tin of tuna, salad, 3 points
DINNER WW shepherd's pie, gravy, veg, 2 bread, 6 points
SNACKS two mandarins 1, half pint milk 1, two mushroom sandwichs 2.
TOTAL 16.5


BREAKFAST Special K, one spoon honey, 3 pt
LUNCH one tin lentil soup, two toast, 3.5 pt
DINNER 75g pasta, 100g ham 5 pt
SNACK half pint skim milk 1, spaghetti on toast 3, hot chock 0.5,three rice cakes 1 point
TOTAL 17 points


BREAKFAST Shreddies, one apple 3 pt
LUNCH cup soup, ham, 1.5 points
DINNER 200g chicken, 100g fromage frais, 200 g potato, 6 points
SNACK half pint skimmed milk. two toast w/marmite, tesco hoops, 150 (raw eight) oven chips 6.5
TOTAL 17 points


BREAKFAST 4 wwtoast, 1 egg = 4 ppoints
LUNCH 3 rice cakes, 1 apple = 2 points
DINNER 125 wet weight noodles, 200g quorn, stir fried veg with frylight and soy sauce = 6 points
SNACKs - milk 1point, spaghetti on toast 3 points, hot choc 0.5 points
TOTAL 16.5 points


BREAKFAST special k, 1tsp honey = 3 points
LUNCH 1 tin lentil soup, 2 toast = 3.5 points
DINNER200g quorn, 50g rice, 100g fromage frais 0.5
SNACK milk 1, 6Xrice cakes 2, tesco hoops 1.5
TOTAL 17 points


BREAKFAST Special K = 2.5 pt
LUNCH 100g fishsticks, 1 tsp lemon mayo, 3 pieces bread = 4 points
200g haddock, 300g potato, 15g stilton = 7 points
SNACKS milk, 1 bread, 50g lf guacamole, 3 ricecakes = 3.5 point
TOTAL 17 points

Plus lots of carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, cabbage, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, a few peppers ... probably a good breakfast bowlful with every meal.
This was my post on the weight watchers thread -

TiddlerTiddler Mon 04-Feb-08 23:31:25

That is really really impressive. You managed to get UNDER 18 ad still eat 3 meals AND some little snackeens. I am well impressed.

That gives me some hope. I guess creme eggs, chocolate cookies, chocolate cheesecake did the damage to me today (after regular high fatty meals)

Looks like this is going to be about more than cutting out my terrible snacking habit but changing what I am actually eating full stop.

Bye bye deserts.. I will miss you for the next little while sad

elliot3 Tue 19-Feb-08 21:07:52

can anyone tell me how many points are in a bowl of porridge made with semi skimmed milk, avergae size, and a salmon fillet thin type- I've started again on Monday but have lost all my books with this info- is there anywhere online I can get points information?

Bellie Tue 19-Feb-08 21:11:23

Hi elliot - I think porridge is about 3 and the salmon is about 3 too.

wannaBe Tue 19-Feb-08 21:21:22

it's actually quite easy to stay within a limit as long as you absolutely watch what you eat. I've done calory counting with

and found that after a couple of weeks I was really aware of what I ate because looking at the calory content of say, a bar of chocolate before I ate it made me think twice about eating it.

have considered doing ww online but the only way to sign up is to pay as they're not doing free trial any more and have no idea as to whether the site is accessible or not.

twinklelittlestar Sat 23-Feb-08 03:26:22

Hi does anyone know how many calories per day you should eat while breastfeeding if you want to maintain weight and also if you want to lose it? My little one is nearly 14 months and eating solids but I'm still feeding on demand and quite regularly through day and several times at night! I want to lose some weight about 8-10 lbs.Thanks

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