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I want to lose 2stone by Christmas! Ripping and others I need you!

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SPBisResisting Sun 15-Sep-13 22:31:48

OK I have had for too many days 'off' the diet recently and am in danger of undoing all my previous good work. I am currently creeping up to 12st, which is a weight I promised myself I'd never be again, and so I would love to lose about 2st by Christmas - anything in the very low tens would be AMAZING.
So I am going to:

- Restart the Shred - I've not been as bad at this as I could have been but for one reason or another have had lots of days off. I was enjoying (in a masochistic way) level 2 and so need to carry on
- Calorie count again, but not try to eat ridiculously low calories (was often at 600-700)
- Eat meals and <gulp> no chocolate until I sit down for the evening
- Remember why I'm doing this. Diabetes, joint pain, heart attack - all less risky than when I was over 16st but still an issue.
- Go shopping when I am nearing my target - I did this in the summer and really enjoyed buying clothes I thought I looked good in as opposed to how shopping has always been for me - what do I need, and what do I look least worst in? That'll do.

And I'm going to use this thread for motivation. I will report in. Feel free to mock me if I'm not here - it means I am slipping up and face down in a box of haribo
(for the kids, obviously)

SPBisResisting Sun 15-Sep-13 22:56:39

OK so far it's going well grin

smirnie Sun 15-Sep-13 23:02:49

I'll join you. Currently 14st 5, have already lost 19lbs slowly but surely. Would love to get down to 12 stone but am finding weekends difficult. I calorie count too, using My Fitness Pal. Hopefully this thread will motivate me

ElvisJesusAndCocaCola Mon 16-Sep-13 06:54:30

Ok, I'd love to join. I always lurk on these threads, but now perhaps is the time for some extra motivation by having people ask me how it's going and having to be honest with them!

Have always gone up and down, from a teenager. Nine years ago was 11 st 11 (not my biggest weight but bad enough). Ww took me down to 9 st10ish, and over the past years since then, I've had two children and gone up and down a bit, had periods of feeling like I couldn't control it, and plenty of time 'in the zone' and feeling great.

But. I need to stop the cycle. I'll be 37 soon and I don't want to be doing this in my forties. I have given myself until the start of the next school year to try to properly sort this out. A new way of eating, not a diet. Accept that I can eat cake if I want but I have to be sensible about it or I will get bigger. I can happily reject cake when in the zone, but after a while (a few weeks, a few months) I am mainlining it again!

I run - recently recovered from an injury after a year of running. Planning to do my first half marathon in March. Currently running 4 miles three times a week. This really helps.

The only thing on the horizon is that in five weeks I have an event to go to and a stunning dress that is a tiny bit too small. So no crash diet (I just can't!) but slightly stricter with myself than i intended to be. I just hope it doesn't trigger massive needs for cake!

Oh, and I'm 5 foot 3.5. Currently 10 stone. Would like to be able to maintain at 9 st 4-6.

ElvisJesusAndCocaCola Mon 16-Sep-13 06:55:02

Wow! That is the longest post I have ever written and posted blush

SPBisResisting Mon 16-Sep-13 08:37:22

Hi smirnie and elvis.
Elvis I know exactly what youean about the zone. My willpower kn the zone is brilliant, out of the zone it is non existant. I need to find a compromise.
Smirnie, I am 44katy on mfp if you would like to add me?
Elvis, we need a picture of the dress!

RippingYarns Mon 16-Sep-13 08:45:13

<rolls up sleeves>

Right, what have we got here? ;)

I'd dearly love to lose 2st by christmas - I'll do it with you! I've been lying to myself about how fat I have got, last week I went to see the nurse and she weighed me.

I weigh 87kg. That is 191 lbs. Or 13.5st

I am very fat, but as you know, SP, I can exercise too. A lot. We can do this together, count me in!

RippingYarns Mon 16-Sep-13 09:00:14

Phew, that was traumatic, like a confession sad

So onwards.

Does dieting really work? Ok, most of us here have said about weight affecting health as we get older (I'm 46) and causing diabetes and other issues, so I'm definitely in this for the long haul.

For life.

I've had to stop running for a couple of weeks, SP, in danger of shin splints, need better shoes for running, so am resting up until Wednesday this week and then back on the shred mill, are you happy to carry on where you left off or want to join me in the hell realms of L1 again

SunshineandShandy Mon 16-Sep-13 10:17:25

I'm in. I started WW 3 weeks ago with the aim of 2 stone by Xmas and am now down 8lb. I am doing it online and taking a photo of the scales on weight-in day and sending it to a friend who is also dieting - we are motivating each other!

I really need to do more exercise. I am lazy about it. I want to start C25K but I hate running machines and it's still about 40 degrees here, so once it cools I will start running outside. But I still could go for long walks in the evening... I will also Shred.

I am utterly determined to reach this goal. I am sick of being fat.

SPBisResisting Mon 16-Sep-13 17:20:11

Hi sunshine and Ripping! Brilliant idea about the photo
I have cone on for a moan. I cannot do MFP. Recently I have found it so slow, I have a list of things to do before I get up at silly o clock in the morning, I do not have time to waaaaiiiiiiiiiiit while the pages load. but I really want to log everything. But I cannot justify takinf so long to do it.

RippingYarns Mon 16-Sep-13 17:37:18

Hhmnn if I didn't know better that might sound like an excuse to me <can't do smiley things on twat phone but this is a 'really' one>

I also think I've picked up a stomach bug and not been able to eat today, so fasting 5:2 day one it is!

I don't have any scales at home, but have got another nurse appt next Tuesday - so I think I'll weigh in fortnightly at the Boots in town. Am baby sitting DGS every other week, so a walk into town pushing him will be an added work out.

We can do this!

ThermoLobster Mon 16-Sep-13 17:45:39

I am in. Was doing really well with Hypno Gastric Band and have also done well with mfp before but keep slipping back to old ways, and keep drinking too much wine! I weigh about same as you Ripping. Am 5 ft 9ish. Really want to do it this time!

RippingYarns Mon 16-Sep-13 17:52:03

Hello there Thermo! No more DT shenanigans for us then smile

DorisShutt Mon 16-Sep-13 17:55:00

Can I sneak in and join you?

I'm 5ft 2" and <gulp> 12 stone.

I started the Shred on Friday and have done it every day so far (all three days of it!) and have it pencilled in tonight.

I have a photoshoot next month (30 days from when i started hence the serendipitous nature of the DVD!) and I'd like to have toned up - I'm not too fussy about weight, but I'd like my face to look slimmer.

I'm also going to dig out my Paul McKenna slim CD and see if it helps as I have a real issue with binge eating.

RippingYarns Mon 16-Sep-13 18:03:19

Hello Doris, I too binge. And eat over the sink and whilst I'm cooking. And I love cooking

Looking back to when I was younger I used to fast most weekends, being a single parent back then, once the DSs went off out I'd get stuck into the garden and decorating for something to do, and not bother eating. Was also poorer then, couldn't afford to have fatty snacks etc round the house.

I've got lazy. And eat too much

ThermoLobster Mon 16-Sep-13 18:06:29

No Ripping! Although I have bought some of that light wine just in case! grin

RippingYarns Mon 16-Sep-13 18:20:45

I've said on DT that a couple of glasses is my limit anyhow but even that is a meal's worth on fasting days.

Water and ice cubes to snack on from now on.

DorisShutt Mon 16-Sep-13 19:41:31

I have a very bad habit of not eating lunch and then scarfing a couple of packets of crisps and a chocolate bar to get my energy up, or if I'm at work, I eat a meal deal but choose fizzy juice and crisps.

I also eat portions that are the same size as DH's.

I also finish off any leftover dinner from DS.

And I may consume a reasonable amount of wine

So. Proper lunches with fruit not crisps. Normal portions. No polishing off stuff. Wine only on the weekend; but only one bottle between DH and I over that period - which is still a nice glass and a bit.

Plus exercise. I've just done day 4 of the Shred and am now not hungry. Very sweaty, but not hungry grin

ThermoLobster Mon 16-Sep-13 19:42:27

So what is everyone's approach? Ripping I assume therefore you are doing 5:2? What about everyone else?

ThermoLobster Mon 16-Sep-13 19:44:03

Cross post Doris! Sounds v sensible.

ThermoLobster Mon 16-Sep-13 19:53:44

Ok have read thread properly now so know what you are all doing to lose weight. blush
I think I will do the Hypno trance again because it really worked before but I just didn't repeat the trance when I should have. I have cut out toast/bagel for breakfast and am having yoghurt instead. Fruit for snack and some nuts, and then a salad for lunch. In the evening, I don't want to be faddy as I have two girls and don't want them to grow up in a diet household, so just sensible meals with lots of veg but will have a small amount of starchy carbs. Then cut right down on wine, and in doing so, will cut down on the snacks I seem to eat after a couple of glasses of wine. But I will never stick to it if I can't have the odd treat so just going to tr and be sensible.
We can DEFINITELY do this!

SPBisResisting Mon 16-Sep-13 21:01:58

How is everyone?
Hi Doris!
I am grumpy. but today has gone OK. Shred this morning and 1000 cals so far

ElvisJesusAndCocaCola Tue 17-Sep-13 06:26:55

Hi everyone <waves>

Sounds like we are all quite determined and all have different tactics, which will make it interesting, I have done ww in the past, plus used mfp for a good part of last year. At the moment, since I know almost everything about calorie content in the food I choose, I am doing it in my head - trying to stick to about 1500-600 calls, plus running three times a week. Running is really motivating for me: makes me feel good, helps me eat properly so I don't waste the effort. Plus I like to think of myself as a real runner, so try to see food as fuel.

I have tried to see things as treats and luxuries that are relatively healthy e.g. Sashimi, Greek yoghurt, peanut butter (only on a running day though!). It goes well when I am in that zone, but I just need to stay here!

Yesterday took dd out for lunch after her first day at school: went to nandos and then patisseries Valerie, managed to make choices that came to about 900 calls in total. Not bad for me.

Another thing I tend to do is have two boiled eggs for breakfast: low calorie and filling.

We all have the potential to do really well - the planning and determination is definitely there. Will try to check in daily.

ChipAndSpud Tue 17-Sep-13 06:41:29

Hi everyone, can I join?

I have a 20 month old and I'm still 2 stone heavier than I was when he was conceived! I'm 5'7 and weigh 11.3 stone, which is healthy according to the BMI calculations, but I feel like I'm carrying an extra layer of fat all over!

I've joined the gym two weeks ago and managed two classes a week, plus one swim. I have pilates this evening which I really enjoyed last time.

I mainly want to lose weight through exercise, I don't think my diet is too bad if I can cut out snacking on chocolate and biscuits!

I think with food if I can just be a bit more aware of portion sizes and cut out the chocolate and biscuits I can lose at least half a stone.

I don't own a pair of scales, so I will probably weigh myself in a few more weeks.

I'm more about how I feel than an actual amount of wight that I want to lose.

SPBisResisting Tue 17-Sep-13 07:45:56

Hi chip, that sounds like a really good attitude. Portion size has been a big one for me too, I cringe when I thjnk about the amount of pasta I used to eat!

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