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slimming world plan which has biggest weight loss xtra easy green day or red day

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supermummmy Thu 12-Jan-12 15:59:19

I am doing the slimming world plan and in my group i noticed that those that are on the red or green days lose the most weight is there a diffrence help please.

BillyBollyBandy Thu 12-Jan-12 16:02:40

red day will give you the biggest loss, as you are eating far more protein and less carbs. I used the extra easy to maintain but know a lot of people who have used it very successfully

Osmiornica Thu 12-Jan-12 17:51:35

From my meetings I reckon those on red days or even those who alternate in some way red/green lose the most. Extra easy is easier but slower.

supermummmy Fri 13-Jan-12 20:12:41

Ok thanks tomorrow I will start red days and if I feel weak I will do a green day.

Maxine118 Mon 02-Mar-15 19:18:55

Ee doesn't work for me.. I hope green do

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