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2012 - New Years Day - The Cambridge Diet - Sole Source - Weight loss

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GoingForGoalWeight Sun 11-Dec-11 23:04:48

I weigh over 25 stones. I expect to weigh more than this on New Years Day after all the festive scoff is over. grin

I am going to start the Cambridge Diet - Sole Source - on New Years Day.

I have found my Consultant and we have met, she lost 13 stones in 9 months and has kept the weight off for over 7 years!

4 Cambridge choc mint shakes per day.

3 - 4 litres of water per day.

Anybody else planning on starting The Cambridge Diet in 2012? Come join me and we can support each other.


TheScarlettPimpernel Mon 12-Dec-11 15:04:56

Hello - I am not planning to do the CD - though I could stand to lose a few pounds stone grin - but thought I would bump this for you in the hope someone comes along smile

GoingForGoalWeight Mon 12-Dec-11 19:14:32

Hi Scarlett smile

Thank you

Good luck for your weight loss journey smile

wherearemysocks Wed 14-Dec-11 01:05:49

I have done CD in the past, I don't know if you have found it but their website has a pretty good forum.

Good luck.

GoingForGoalWeight Wed 14-Dec-11 07:56:01

hi, yes i have a look at their forum from time to time, thank you smile

Overtiredmum Wed 14-Dec-11 18:51:04

I am rejoining in January, although not until 10th, when the kids are safely back at school grin

I have gained a stone in the 12 months, am currently 12st and am looking to finally lose the last 2 stone I have gained since having the DC.

Can I join you? Ax

GoingForGoalWeight Wed 14-Dec-11 19:01:48

Hi all are welcome, but i should have said in my OP that i can't support those whom 'cheat' or chat about food, this is going to be extremly difficult for me sad

I have started to cut down on all the crap i consume via eating fish, veg etc, an actual meal smile

FortynotFat Wed 14-Dec-11 19:12:06

me me me

I am 40 at the end of Aug 2012 and am going to start SS again to lose 7 stone by then.

I will not be fat and 40 I will not be fat and 40......

Have you done SS before ?

Overtiredmum Wed 14-Dec-11 19:17:13

I have done SS before, and love it. I can't wait to restart, but theres not much point starting now, as I can't do Christmas without the usual celebrations! I still aim to be good before though, in fact I have really restricted the treats I have got this year, in order to prepare myself!

January is a fab time to SS, as its a great detox, I always feel great by about Day 4, although always feel like a giant washing machine, sloshing as I walk along!!

I agree with GoingforGoal, I will not come on and talk about cheating or food. In RL, I am doing CD with a friend, so she will be my sounding block!

GoingForGoalWeight Wed 14-Dec-11 19:29:22

Hi welcome fortynotfat and overtiredmum smile

I haven't done The Cambridge Diet before.

I hate negative comments about any diet i'm currently doing sad

Is there a way of blocking an individual MN member via 'ignore' or 'block' button etc? smile

FortynotFat Wed 14-Dec-11 19:33:35

Just ignore negative comments.

I am glad you mentioned the washing machine thing overtired as I got that too.

I lost almost 2 stone last summer and felt great. I loved the 'headspace' you get from not having to plan or think about food and really enjoyed it.

Cant wait to get back on it. We can do it and would love a supportive thread

wakeupnow Wed 14-Dec-11 19:39:27

Fantastic thread!!! I'm 40 at the start of August & need a huge kick up the backside, have done Cambridge before & IT WORKED!!! Unfortunately dh got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer so it all went tits up sad
This time it'll work, I too will not be fat & 40!!!
GFGW thank-you for starting this thread, I'm going to need lots of support & would love to give you all loads too

Overtiredmum Wed 14-Dec-11 19:57:28

Absolutely, its hard to ignor the negative comments - unfortunately they are usually from people who have never needed to diet. I never told anyone I was doing CD until I was nearly at the end of my journey with it, at which stage I didn't care because, as Wakeup says, IT WORKS! I loved not having to sit down and work out what I was going to eat and how many points/calories etc I had toplay with. No choice, no problem. The only choice you have is to decide which flavour you are going to have!

I love CD, yes I have done it more than once, but only gained the weight again after falling pregnant with my DD. She is nearly 3 now, so have absolutely no excuse, and now DH has had the snip, I won't be getting pregnant again any time soon!

Again this time, the only people who know I will be doing it is my DH and my friend who will be joining me.

GoingForGoalWeight Wed 14-Dec-11 20:25:31

welcome wakeupnow smile

lets all wakeup and SHAKE the fat off - good eh, eh? smile

I shall be posting all my stats here on New Years Day, i want to SS until goal 12 months to get off stones and stones of fat smile

GoingForGoalWeight Wed 14-Dec-11 20:26:48

I envisage it will be extremly difficult at first sad

wakeupnow Wed 14-Dec-11 20:29:13

we will do this smile

FortynotFat Wed 14-Dec-11 20:42:57

yes we can do it. it will be hard but it works.

I am waiting to get appt with my consultant 1st week of Jan so dont know my start date yet.

I will wear a nice dress for my 40th party oh yes I will.

I have been overweight for all my adult life and a change is needed.

Overtiredmum Wed 14-Dec-11 20:45:44

GoingforGoal - I thought it would be very hard. I contemplated for months about starting CD as was worried how I would cope without food, if I would get dizzy etc, but I honestly felt great. You just need to make sure you keep up with the water, thats stops any hunger pangs!

My appointment is booked for 10 January, and I honestly can't wait.

GoingForGoalWeight Wed 14-Dec-11 20:51:12

Oh that is so positive smile My Consuktant is so positive smile but a bit nutty. i hope the diet doesn't do that to me, Consultant said my emotions might be a bit raw as i've always used food to comfort myself.

If allowed i will post before and after pics on my profile.

I've noticed on here so many threads go quiet or completly dead as people have stopped their diet.

I don't want to get to reliant on support here as i envisage being the only person here posting on this thread

a) because i have a colossal amount to lose and will be here longer than most anyway
b) because people will stop the diet


Overtiredmum Wed 14-Dec-11 21:04:12

Of course it will take time, but you will gain encouragement the more weight you lose, and the more comments you get from people when they start to notice!

There is also another good forum you can register with, which is (forgive me, I don't know how to post a link!) www dot minimins dot com. Lots of great advice and people all in the same boat.

GoingForGoalWeight Wed 14-Dec-11 21:08:37

It's the comments i dread as they ask How you lose weight? I can imagine that paert will drive me potty, not something i can hide, 25 stones to 10 stones grrrr

I use minimins sometimes too, just to read, thank you x smile

Overtiredmum Wed 14-Dec-11 21:36:23

You just have to remember, if it works for you, then thats all thats important. Just imagine how fabulous you will look and feel in the summer, it will all be worth it.

GoingForGoalWeight Wed 14-Dec-11 21:40:14

smile thank you overtired, you too x


FortynotFat Fri 16-Dec-11 07:08:48

well my start date is 4th Jan smile and I cant wait.

What are you doing over xmas - having a last blow out or being good with food ?

wakeupnow Fri 16-Dec-11 12:41:14

Forty that's a real toughie! TBH think I'll just blow it & that will help put me off eating for a while!!! How about every-one else?

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