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bunny75 Thu 26-Aug-10 09:09:54

Have just rediscovered Mumsnet and also dusted off my Paul Mckenna book for another go! I am probably a good 4 stone overweight and have been for a good 10 years. I hate diets and have little will power. I did this book a few years ago and lost half a stone in week 1 but didn't do the CD....I think that was the downfall. Am starting all over as of today.....anyone care to join me/offer any advice/been there before?

muriel76 Thu 26-Aug-10 18:29:47

Bit of a raw nerve....yes I did it and it was FAB and the best 'diet' I have ever done. I lost 2 stone and weighed less than on my wedding day. It was so so easy

However like all eating plans/diets it needs sticking to and that 2 stone is nearly all back on. I feel so cross with myself when I think about it, as there is no need. I have put the weight back on simply due to greed.

I would like to start again though as nothing else worked as well (SW/WW etc) and I start a new job soon and I know I would feel a lot more confident even with a few pounds lost!

I did not ever listen to the CD BTW. Just did the four rules and the weight fell off.

Good luck with whatever you decide x

spiritmum Thu 26-Aug-10 19:17:55

I'm reading a book by Gillain Riley atm which disagrees with Paul Mckenna quite a bit, notably his 'eat when hungry' and 'stop when full' ideas, on the basis that the body frequently gets very mixed messages. Only just started though so I will know more once I've read a bit further.

Pwsimerimew Fri 27-Aug-10 20:31:21

I'm doing Paul Mckenna.I'm also doing Slimming World blush I'm thinking it'll double my chances of getting to where I want to be.
I listen to the CD when the DC aren't home, and I've noticed a difference in my self esteem. That is, I now look in the mirror and notice my lovely eyes, instead of insulting myself grin

Pwsimerimew Fri 27-Aug-10 20:36:26

Have you tried his aversion therapy? I did this the other day until I was GAGGING. It must be working cos I've had no walkers sensations crisps since. ( must be at least..four days now)

Autumndew Fri 27-Aug-10 20:46:16

i have lost almost 5 stone since January and i am now a size 10/12(still ongoing)I go to the gym a lot and have done 30 day shred but still love my Davina McColl workouts the best .I have completley given up crisps which were my downfall and another coupe of things i was very fond of .I still listen to my cd every cou;le of days I know it is a lifelong thing and i really beleive my weight is off for good

Pwsimerimew Fri 27-Aug-10 20:48:19

Wow, that's amazing Autumn! Are you still putting your cutlery down inbetween mouthfulls?

Autumndew Fri 27-Aug-10 20:49:18

yes, i am most of the time.I used to scoff my dinner like the Simpsons

Autumndew Fri 27-Aug-10 20:50:00

i never sbscribe to the eat when hungry rule i have to say

ppeatfruit Sun 29-Aug-10 12:52:41

Imo if you don't eat when you are hungry yr. body goes into starve mode and you put on weight. IMO Mckenna WORKS and you can always go back to it.

mashitup Mon 30-Aug-10 00:12:43

Hi guys

Am nervously thinking about joining you

I've tried this before

Lost a little

I REALLY need to lose 5 stone but I'm unsure what to do

WW has worked for me in the past, but I hate the idea of counting and measuring everything, and lo and behold, when I stopped doing that, I put all the weight back on.

Emotional eating is my big problem, so Paul McKenna would be good

But I'm very resistant to only eating when hungry - I like eating emotionally, food is my faithful friend, sad I know

I find it very difficult to tell the difference btw physical and emotional hunger

Autumndew - that's fab, well done!

Can I ask, why do you not follow the eat when hungry rule? What do you do instead? Also, what other things have you given up?

ppeatfruit Mon 30-Aug-10 08:58:19

mashitup When you eat consciously, slowly tasting yr food you actually CAN't eat when yr full and you do feel hungry sooner than usual so you can eat more (well it feels like it!) than the 3 meals a day.

Autumndew Mon 30-Aug-10 15:46:27

If when i started the diet I would have eaten when i was hungry i would have been have been eating all the time as i thought i was always hungry .Obviously it was comfort eating of some sort.So what i did/do is treat it is a diet in as much as i dont eat any "rubbish" biscuits, cakes ,chocolate etc .I honestly don`t miss any of them.Thanks to the book i managed to givr up crips forever they actually make me feel sick if i think abpot them just typing this is doing it.I aslo done the aversion thing with Crunchy nut cornflakes and salt and vinegar ricecakes.I dont want to keep banging on about it but really if you knew me you would see such a difference in me i feel free at last from food cravings etc and i love working out which is the biggest change in me

ppeatfruit Mon 30-Aug-10 16:57:20

That is brill autumn well done smile

mashitup Mon 30-Aug-10 19:30:16

thanks for advice smile

autumndew, do you not eat ANY chocolate/cakes/biscuits? I find the idea of giving up cakes quite difficult, I don't even eat a lot of cakes! Funnily enough, I find the idea of giving up chocolate easier, even though I eat loads of it. There is something comforting and treat-ish about having a cake with a cup of coffee in a little tea room - it's something I hardly do, but I'm loathe to give up the idea of it!!

How much do you work out?

So guys, are we going to do this? wink

Autumndew Mon 30-Aug-10 21:23:57

i NEVER eat cakes etc.I know t"hat`s a bit extreme but i could never say oh i`ll just have the one", one led to two, led to three etc grin.I try to go to the gym every couple of days i do cardio work there cross trainer, treadmill and bike and at home i do Davina MCcall top fit(weights, which i love thr difference inm y arms is awesome ) and bottom fit mostly.I have done the 30 day shred but didnt actually "enjoy " that as such

Pwsimerimew Tue 31-Aug-10 11:22:42

I've started going to yoga last week and I'm going to a pialtes class tonight. I really don't do excercise, but these two seem gentle enough for a wimp like me grin

maduggar Tue 31-Aug-10 12:29:06

I have been doing this for a week - will let you know how I get on! Glad to see others trying it too

I have noticed HUGE changes so far! I really am looking at food differently, to be enjoyed but not to bloat my body with. Its such a revelation.

maduggar Tue 31-Aug-10 12:30:08

I listen to the CD religioulsy everyday, I feel very focused and relaxed afterwards.

maduggar Wed 01-Sep-10 18:34:42

Cant believe how well this is working! Is there really no-one else out there doing it?

Pwsimerimew Wed 01-Sep-10 18:42:20

I really enjoyed my tea tonight, but realised as I was shovelling the last forkful in my gob that I had been engrosd with MN, rather than focusing on my food.
I fell guilty now

Pwsimerimew Wed 01-Sep-10 18:43:04

And now I can't even spell. blush

maduggar Wed 01-Sep-10 18:43:32

How long have you been doing it? Have you had much success?

Pwsimerimew Wed 01-Sep-10 18:56:31

I'm doing it along side doing slimming world - so can't say how well I'm doing really. My self -image has improved a lot as has cravings for crisps and thats down to PM and not SW.
The DC go back to school tomorrow so it will be easier for me to listen to the CD every day oncce more.
So, Maduggar, how well is it working for you?

msrisotto Wed 01-Sep-10 19:08:48

Is the aversion therapy thing a different CD? It isn't on my copy.

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