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Ok so those who'll be going to the MN meet ups....

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Flossam Mon 15-Aug-05 15:33:03

Would anyone like to join me for a diet? We've got about 15 weeks so plenty of time to make a difference... I'm going to aim for a stone although more would be lovely. Anyone else or am I the only heffer?

lilibet Mon 15-Aug-05 16:49:20

I'm on the Marjorie Dawes thread, but It's very vvery quiet

I'm up for a bit for moral support!

logic Mon 15-Aug-05 17:15:31

I've got three weeks to lose 16 lbs before the May/June meet-up. It's not looking good. OK, that's a little optimistic, I'd settle for being more comfortable in my size 12 pre-baby jeans which probably only means 3 or 4 lbs to lose.

Flossam Mon 15-Aug-05 18:45:59

I've done the whole post baby weight loss thing, and then kind of got comfortable with where I was and stopped prematurely - hence the weight to loose now. Think I have put some on again too. You've done well though Logic to get back to how you were more or less so quickly Haven't seen the Marjorie Dawes thread Lilibet!

logic Mon 15-Aug-05 18:54:31

I did that last time, Flossam. You sort of forget how you used to look and think oh well, no-one's going to notice the extra lbs underneath the sick covered clothes. This time though, I've decided that I want to get really slim before my 30th birthday next year.

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