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30 day shred 2nd thread. Keep shredding!

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Tortoise Sat 19-Jun-10 21:39:53

New thread before old one is full. smile

wineismysaviour Sun 20-Jun-10 07:21:45

marking my placesmile

silverfrog Sun 20-Jun-10 07:30:40

<creeps in quietly>

Can I join you? I've got the dvd and done it a couple of times, but I reckon I could do with some support.

When, on average, did people feel ready to move from level 1 to level 2?

Squidmission Sun 20-Jun-10 10:38:38

DAy 7 (2nd time) done!

Hi Silverfrog. Although it may seem unbelievable when you start but generally, I think people are ready to move to level 2 after 10 sessions. You do have to do it fairly regularly though - 5x a week at least.

That poor guy Tortoise. Hope he got the help he needed. I would be really scared if some drunk bloke knocked on my door at 2 am though!

I have kept up the exercise but I really need to sort out my food as I'm not really losing weight at the moment. I'm maintaining quite well but I need to lose another stone at least. I think I may join ww or something to see if regular weighing enocourages me!

MadameCastafiore Sun 20-Jun-10 11:17:52

Did it for the firdst time last night and I would say I am probably more fit than your average 35 year old mother of two - I run or swim at least 5 times a week and...........

Today I wished I lived in a bungalow - I can not physically get down the stairs without looking like a geriatric. My thighs were shaking like hell after I did it and I had to sit down for half an hour to recover - I seriously thought I was going to breeze through it and go up to the next level quicker than your average woman. How very wrong I was!!!

Have roped in DH to do it with me tonight to see if he is as fit as he thnks he is and we are both going to go on a diet and really really try for the next month.

Am planning on doing it every day - is that what you are supposed to do?

notjustapuppymum Sun 20-Jun-10 15:15:37

You should have one rest day with any type of exercise plan MadameCastafiore

QualityTime Sun 20-Jun-10 15:17:57

can I come in too? The last thread was a bit big, didn't want to intrudegrin

I haven't shredded for a few days but did 6 days before that, then buggered my knee. Am going to do level 1 again in a bit as soona s tea is in the oven.
Um, but, um, how do I put this?
Anyone else find that their pelvic floor exercises are not working?grin
Is level 2 as bad or worse for this?

MadameCastafiore Sun 20-Jun-10 16:03:05

Will have one go with DH tonight notjustapuppy so I can laugh at him because he has laughed at me all day walking like I have somehting stuck up my bottom.

GettinTrimmer Sun 20-Jun-10 16:05:52

I have lapsed a bit, I did 10 days of level 1, then nothing for a week.

I have just done 2nd day of level 1 to get back into it (with heavier dumbbells). Arms felt like jelly!

Level 2 tomorrow.

madamecastafiore IKWYM, I thought I was fairly fit, but found this dvd the hardest exercise I've ever done! I tend to do the dvd every other day and alternate with other exercise.

squid I am trying to lose weight as well, good luck if you join ww.

qualitytime pelvic floors are a problem, I was OK today but have had problems. I didn't find level 2 was any worse than level 1.

MadameCastafiore Sun 20-Jun-10 19:01:30

Ha ha - am watching DH do the SHRED now after he has been laughing at me hobbling around all day!!!

Am doing it later with a friend who I have roped in - have told her we should see results quicker than punding the pavement.

Dh is puffing and saying BLOODY NORAH quite a lot.

Squidmission Sun 20-Jun-10 19:44:56

grin I like it.

I tried to get dh to do it too but he refuses! (he's quite fit but doesn't like the look of it)

nixpix Sun 20-Jun-10 20:18:30

MadameCastafiore, I'm in exactly the same boat. I can't belive how much I ache! I did Level 1 for the first time yesterday morning and have spent today in agony, dreading having to go from sitting to standing or up and down the stairs. Couldn't have children sat on my lap as it hurt so much. Am still v sore, my thighs are the worst. Was planning on doing it again this evening but can barely walk let alone do jumping jacks. Do I risk injury if I give it a go or will it help recovery? Really wanted to commit fully to doing it in 30 days, every day

Tortoise Sun 20-Jun-10 20:26:21

nixpix I was told that it is good to do it again if muscles are aching. Worth a try! grin

Will shred later tonight. Hayfever is bad at the moment. Should ease of later.

Skimummy Sun 20-Jun-10 20:29:42

Hello Shredders!

Well, I am back to it after being sick all week. Not sure why but decided to launch myself into level 3 due to a desire to do some jumping lunges. Shame I forgot about all the other evil exercises that lurk within that level. But feeling great for doing it anyway.

Welcome all newcomers and can agree on the pelvic floor issues...seems to be getting better as I keep on though. I didn't find one level worse than the other - entirely dependent on the exercise!

nixpix I just pushed through the pain to be honest! But I did have a random day off here and there due to holidays or work so don't feel bad if you think you need a break.

I also need to concentrate on my eating again - have slipped a bit lately so will sign back into Food Focus as it seems to keep me in check.

voteplease Sun 20-Jun-10 21:04:05

I'm having a rest day today - thanks notjustapuppymum for suggestion!. Been swimming with kids today though.

Must make effort to do it every day this week. Can't see me getting to level 2 until day 20.

PussinJimmyChoos Sun 20-Jun-10 21:10:56

I did it twice then stopped...<pathetic>

I need to get back into it but I lack the motivation...I work part time and on the days I don't work, take DS out and about to entertain him...once he has gone to bed, I flop down in a heap and mnet...


QualityTime Sun 20-Jun-10 21:20:01

Fireman sam is my saviour.
If I get it set up on the laptop (and her waffling that you can't fast froward, grrr lasts long enough for me to get changed) I cna start a recorded set of 25 minutes fireman sam and get long enough to do it at the back of the room.
Showering is another matter, that normally takes a deployment of Pocoyo...

trumpton Sun 20-Jun-10 22:06:31

Marking.... Havent done since Friday but started Level 2 ( 2nd time round ) Will carry on tomorrow.

Tortoise Sun 20-Jun-10 22:58:41

Day 2 done. smile
Bought a bike of Ebay so i can do some cycling as well as shred. Can't do any classes in the evening so hopefully cycling will help.

trumpton Mon 21-Jun-10 11:05:22

Back on the shred bus.Day 2 of level 2 done today . Wow i am warm. Dont think I am getting such dramatic results this time round as have less to go but still feeling the benefit.

everythingiseverything Mon 21-Jun-10 11:14:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

trumpton Mon 21-Jun-10 11:19:03

Got mine from Amazon ( with free delivery -- good job as they weigh 10 kg in all) set of three.these I like them as can change weights easily if I feel I am struggling and can use heaviest weights as handles for push up moves ( have weak wrists)

silverfrog Mon 21-Jun-10 11:24:46

Hi everyone. Have had the weekend off, but will be back to it this evening.

I find the toughest bit is actually starting. I get the girls into bed, and then flop down on front of MN. If I stick the dvd on at that.point, I get on and do it...

Wish I could set it up to autoplay as I come down the stairs!

notyummy Mon 21-Jun-10 11:31:16

Marking my place now back from hols.

Hi everything!

No shredding on holiday due to lack of weights. Lots of running though, and some circuits training, pilates and yoga. Feelings very slightly tubbier due to drinking more than usual, but haven't been near scales yet.

Am planning to do a shred tonight, followed by a session on the crosstrainer. Did 5 mile run yesterday following all day travelling on Saurday. Was tired, so it felt like hard work!

Keep it up everyone!

In terms of weights. I have a set which are 1.5/3kg and 5kg. I swap the weights around. I only use the 1.5kg for level 3 where you have to do star jumps etc with weights. Use 3kg for most of the exercises, and 5 kg for a few of the easier moves (lunges with bicep curls for example.)

trumpton Mon 21-Jun-10 15:43:22

Golly notyummy 5 kg . Respect ! I thought I was strong using the 2.5 kg !

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