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Mumsnet Mamas 2005 Week 30

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Yorkiegirl Fri 05-Aug-05 22:45:13

Message withdrawn

Loobz Mon 08-Aug-05 21:49:55

How is everyone doing this week? I didn't have a good weekend so am trying to do some damage limitation. Not easy when I'm premenstrual and have no coordination, no concentration level and not a great deal of willpower

BethAndHerBrood Tue 09-Aug-05 10:30:57

Damage limitation here too

Why is it my self control goes out of the window at the weekends?? Every week it's the same, really stick to it during the week, then friday night, willpower goes home for the weekend, doesn't come back till monday!!!!

Ah well, fingers crossed for thursday for me!!

BethAndHerBrood Wed 10-Aug-05 20:24:36

Not exactly busy on here this week, is it??!!

Yorkie's been poorly on her hols, No good now she's at target!!! I bet she's lost a pound or two, though not the best way to do it, admittedly!!!!

Hope you're feeling better yorkie, y'see, no good comes of going on holiday!!!

sassy Thu 11-Aug-05 16:26:02

I'd lost 2lbs till yesterday and this morning seem to have put it back!!


Off to Eurodisney this weekend so suspect I may be faltering a little ..chipc and burgers all the way I suspect!

BethAndHerBrood Thu 11-Aug-05 18:13:25

Surprisingly, I have lost 1.5 lbs this week - how did that happen??!!

Not that i'm complaining, it was just a bit of a shock!!!

Loobz Thu 11-Aug-05 22:11:44

Stayed the same this week - thank goodness Am premenstrual and am just so dizzy at this time of the month. Have lost a pair of glasses - think I left them on a visit to a residential school yesterday - 100 mile round trip but it's either that or 80 quid for a new pair. Today I went to work with no purse and no lunch
On a positive note our local Tesco have lots of fruit and veg half price so went and stocked up with loads. Am off work on hols next week and I struggle with eating when I don't have my normal routine so hoping that if I have lots of fruit handy I can snack on that instead of junk - I can live in hope

Loobz Sun 14-Aug-05 09:42:05

I'm not going to be able to get weighed for the next two weeks. I'm having my leg put in plaster for two weeks as I have an achilles tendon problem. It's not a weight bearing plaster and I've to rest as much as possible. I have stocked up with loads of fruit and no crisps and sweets so hopefully will be good - especially if I can't get out to the shops.
I'll be relying on you all to help me keep on the straight and narrow over the next two weeks.

BethAndHerBrood Mon 15-Aug-05 09:36:32

Must be hell stuck in the house with no nibbles - but you're right, it helps not been able to get to the shops!! I've stopped taking my purse out when i go out, just so i'm not tempted by lovely treats!! How low is my will power??!!

Good luck for the next week loobz, and everyone else, i'm back on Damage Limitation as usual on a monday!!!! When will i learn??!!

Fennel Mon 15-Aug-05 10:05:05

not sure if this is this weeks' thread. am back from 2 weeks holiday, only 3lb up from before we went. suppose it could be worse, last holiday i put on 5lb.

Yorkiegirl Mon 15-Aug-05 17:32:07

Message withdrawn

fatmomma Tue 16-Aug-05 00:30:28

Well here I am, back from Geology Summer School and convinced I had lost weight after all that hiking and fresh air. I can't belive I have actually put on 2lbs . DH thinks that I have converted fat to muscle but I have a sneaking suspicion it was all the 'apres-hiking' in the student bar that did the damage .

Never mind, had a fab week and am feeling re-energised so fingers crossed for this week.

Sorry to hear you have been poorly Yorkiegirl and about your leg Loobz. We are all falling to pieces!

Loobz Tue 16-Aug-05 08:53:34

I got my plaster on yesterday and there is no way that I can manage to go to shops myself. It's not a weight bearing plaster and trying to hop with the crutches is entertaining - I have no sense of balance at the best of times.
Have told all of the family that under no circumstances do they buy me crisps or sweets - even if I ask them. No doubt Dd will take great pleasure in telling me no if I ask - not that I'm going to ask of course.
Glad you're feeling better Yorkie, take it easy though.
Sounds as if you had a good time Fatmomma - apres hiking sounds like good fun to me.
Good luck for this week everyone.

Yorkiegirl Tue 16-Aug-05 21:58:24

Message withdrawn

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