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gina84uk Mon 03-May-10 16:14:25

hi i would love to lose 2 stone by end off september as iam away on holiday for 2 weeks to turkey,i need to lose more but i would be really happy with that,just looking for someone that can share stuff and keep spirits up
i will be starting the slim fast diet tomorow xx

CallSignCharlie Mon 03-May-10 20:09:50

Hi gina
would love to keep you comapny on a diet.
I started low carbing yesterday .
I've got a stone and a half to loose by August.
Have you tried slmfast before? Is it two meal replacements and then a regular meal?
A bit of moral support is always good
good luck

gina84uk Mon 03-May-10 22:06:01

hi thanks for posting
yeah it's two drinks a day and one 600cal meal a i have never tried it before but i did do scottish slimmers about 4 years ago and i lost 2 stone and i felt really good
and it didn't seem like i was deiting it was really easy but i put the weight back on and tried weight watchers ect but never really stuck to it i was really hard after that.

so how does the low carbing work?
yeah what i need more in anything is a good kick up the back side.
good luck for the both off us

YarninMonkey Tue 04-May-10 12:33:40

Hi Gina, I also have 2 stone to lose by september, when i return to work after mat leave. None of my work clothes fit me confused. I am planning on just eating less and exercising more. I am hopeless at following strict diets and calorie counting ect, and my body seems to respond well to exercise. I base my eating plan loosely on the low gi diet, using the food Dr books.

I was eating approx 3-4 bars of chocolate a day!! and massive amounts of carbs. so just cutting that out should be enough for me. Am struggling, but have managed a few days so far. My DH has set aside money to buy me a whole new wardrobe if i pressure there then.....good luck and keep posting your progress.

YarninMonkey Tue 04-May-10 12:34:30

Hi callsigncharlie waves good luck to you too!!

CallSignCharlie Tue 04-May-10 18:47:56

So, I've been (fairly) good today.
Gina, Low carbing is pretty much cutting out bread, potatoes , rice and pasta and having lots of salad /veggies and meat or cheese.
I have just bought the new Atkins book, but I'm not following it strictly, just to give me some ideas
I lost about a stone and a half a few years ago on Atkins but it all went back on (with interest) since having DS three years ago.
Anyway i have a school reunion in July and a holiday in August so that's my motivation
*waves back at YarninMonkey* good luck to you too
Shall we set a day for a weekly weigh in - or is that a bit scary?

simmo39 Tue 04-May-10 22:06:26

Can I join? Got just over 2 stone left to go. So far have lost just over 3 stone in 14 weeks on a low carb diet with a company called GoLower. Its been hard but sucessful, but the weight loss is starting to slow down a bit so need support to get me to shift this last 2 stone.

Have been weighing myself officially every Friday morning.( and at least once a day noficially, yes I am obsesses with the scales a common problem I think!)

mummymels Tue 04-May-10 22:28:31

Hi Gina (and everyone else)

Can I join you please? I have been low carbing with Go Lower too and lost over 4 stone since October. I just have another 1.5-2 stone to go. I'll see how I get on as to when I stop as the weight loss is slowing down now I am getting nearer goal so would love to join you whilst I try and get to my goal.

gina84uk Wed 05-May-10 12:08:23

hi every one well day one over with have to admit didn't go as great as i wished but today is a new day ,i need to buy a set off scales cause i dont know what i weigh but i think it is about 12st 3-5pound so might go to the shop after work

simmo39: thats really good in 14 weeks u must feel really good?

mummymels: u have done really good so keep thinking goal and i hope we can all help each other

YarninMonkey:iam the same anything chocolate and iam gone good luck

i have come to think being hungry is all in my head cause food and sweets was all i thought about yesterday,so here's to today lol

YarninMonkey Wed 05-May-10 12:43:34

Hi Simmo39 and mummymels that is brill, I am inspired. I weigh 12 stone at the moment (weighed this am on wii fit). I have exercised everyday this week so far. Last time I weighed myself about 2 weeks ago I was 12st 3lbs so modest loss. I must admit I did have a sneaky cadbury dessert last night before bed, but that was first chocolate in 4 days and have PMT!!

gina84uk Wed 05-May-10 13:05:30

yarninmonky thats still a loss at least its not 3 pound on so to me that is great.iam sure that bar was needed lol
keep going xx

CallSignCharlie Wed 05-May-10 18:09:57

Hi all
well done yarinmonkey - 3 lbs is 3 lbs that's great.

wow to those that have lost several stone. that's great going

i was 10 st 8 last weekend so i'll weigh myself officially on Friday and see how i've done (I'm 5 foot nothing by the way so have got quite a bit to loose)

good luck to everyone

simmo39 Wed 05-May-10 21:04:09

Thanks YarninMonkey, it hasn't been easy but it is the most successful diet I have ever done, and I haven't been hungry.
I still have the odd craving like most people for the naughty stuff, but in a way as I am paying for a dedicated service and the food is delivered that extra commitment seems to work for me.
Plus I think my husband would kill me if I cheated as I obviously needed his support to go ahead with this.
3lb is great well done, try not to deny yourself the odd treat or you will just fall off the wagon big time.....

Gina84Uk - I have weight watchers scales that are good. Best to weight yourself on a hard floor not carpet to get an accurate reading. And yes I feel fabulous can't wait to shift this last 2 stone and enjoy being slim for once

mummymels Wed 05-May-10 23:37:29

I was the same with chocolate before this diet too. I found it quite hard weaning myself off but over time it has got so much easier. I was eating chocolate every day before, and lots of it some days but not I don't even think about it as much. You will get there.

YarninMonkey - that is a good loss. Any loss is good, at least you haven't put on. You sound as if you are doing really well with the exercise. That is my downfall at the moment.

Thanks. I have to admit I am very proud of myself. I have tried dieting so many times before and have never been able to keep to them but this time is different. I haven't found it too hard once I got over the initial stages and it works.

gina84uk Thu 06-May-10 08:57:43

iam sooo happy with my self,i done really good yesterday so i hope i do it to day.
i didn't go to the shops as planed for my scales i went to ebay so should be here by tomorow

YarninMonkey Thu 06-May-10 11:28:16

That is great Gina, keep at it. I haven't been too bad either. Didn't exercise this am may do so tonight. I have a concept2 rowing machine which i have been using daily for 1/2 an hour at a time.In tend o work up time and do interval training etc. It is also brilliant for combining cardio with toning. Also walk most days with ds in the pram. Have finished off a pot of full fat greek yogurt. Not sure about buying it again, while full of protein is v high in fat, although only eat a little at a time. Any advice??

gina84uk Thu 06-May-10 12:41:28

monky thats good u exercise i hate that part but i know i have to.i bought an exercise bike in january never used it to me it hard trying to find time with having a hyper ds3
going to work cleaning and walking the dog but i will try and start today
not sure about your yogurt could u not buy low fat i don't eat yogurt much so don't really know sorry

mummymels Thu 06-May-10 18:46:30

YarninMonkey – Wow you do so much exercise. That’s brilliant.

Gina – Well done you on having a good day.

I had a couple of days where I went off the wagon a bit but today been good again.

simmo39 Thu 06-May-10 21:20:50

A good day today -
2 poached eggs, bacon and 3 mushrooms
Brocolli and stilton soup and green salad
Sausage casserole

Snacks - smokey bacon crunch (like crisps but LC), 3 chocolate coated brazil nuts.

walked both school runs and to polling station, and round shops!

Got AF so feeling quite bloated, hope it doesn't affect my weigh in tomorrow.

I really do not like full fat yogurt but often have it on top of my granola for breakfast. Not so bad with a few raspberries as it gives it some flavour. I can only have the full fat version on LC diet

gina84uk Sat 08-May-10 22:20:50

mummymels:thanks,u keep up the good the good work iam sure a few bad days wont hurt after u losing all that weight keep going

simmo39: how did u get on with ur weigh in?good i hope x

well iam still being good but still dont know what i weigh as my scales has not arrived yet getting a bit peed off now should have went to the shops and got one.

hope everyone eles is doing great xx

simmo39 Sun 09-May-10 17:59:03

4 lb off when I weighed on Friday -

Just 0.5 lb off 11 stone now. Hoping I can get down to 10 1/2 stone by time I go on holiday. Can just about squeeze into a size 14!!!! Can't remember the last time I did that

Gina84uk - hope your scales turn up soon, maybe measure yourself too as inch loss is just as motivating.

mummymels Sun 09-May-10 19:21:30

Gina - I hope your scales turn up early this week. If not, can you chase them?

Simmo - Brilliant loss but it sounds as if you are keeping to it really well. When is your holiday?

Oh dear, what is wrong with me. I have had another bad weekend with food. We had friends round both yesteday and today so I didn't eat too well.

simmo39 Sun 09-May-10 21:51:19

Hi Mummymels - go on 24th May so really want a good loss before I go. Only holidaying in the UK but will do lots of swimming and I am so conscious about wearing a costume.

What do you do to get back on track, do you go back to the GoLower meals or just continue to make your own LC ones?

gina84uk Mon 10-May-10 09:39:46

well today is monday lets hope they arrive it will be a week tomorow and i do feel a bit lighter but i dont know what i would have lost tomorow. if u wonder why iam not going to a slimming club its just the last four years i have booked in about 3-4 times each year and only ever lost about 10-12 pounds and gave up so fingers crossed i can keep this up

mummymels:just for get about the weekend and start fresh as off today x

simmo39:that was a good loss welldone!!

gina84uk Mon 10-May-10 16:06:40

well i got my scales.i weigh in at 12st2 so my thoughts at being 12,5 must have been about right

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