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Anybody tried the Hypnoband?

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Herriot Thu 22-Apr-10 10:27:36

We're looking into the Hyponband (virtual gastric band done via hypnotherapy and cbt) as a last ditch alternative to gastric surgery. Anybody had it done or contemplating it?
We've masses of weight to lose - 10stone plus each...

emjay1006 Thu 22-Apr-10 11:46:51

Yes Im looking into it now, have been emailing to Hypnotheripist for details, but I'll need to have a consultation first. I don't have the money at the moment though, so may have to wait til next pay day. Its alot cheaper than the opp itself and a women on the Monrning Yesterday has been very successful after having the hypnotherapy in Spain x

Herriot Fri 23-Apr-10 18:08:37

So we've done the research, paid a deposit and my first session is on Monday!
Here's hoping it works. The guy said that people can have good results from the 1st session even though the 'band' is not fitted until the 3rd. Well we shall see I guess!

Stylelostinlabour Sat 24-Apr-10 18:43:38

Let us know how it goes - I'm going to see a lady on Wednesday, it's 200 quid for the 3/4 sessions and cd's and have to pay up front do you think this is about right?

She said this was because they say you are more committed to do the whole course rather than doing one and seeing results but then failing because you haven't completed all the sessions?

Herriot Sun 25-Apr-10 12:42:05

That's a great price! We're paying £290 and that seems to be the average in this area. The guy we are seeing is registered with the hypnoband company, and he states that the 'band' is fitted at session 3 and session 4 is used for alteration. Sounds interesting.
When I consider how much I've spent at slimming groups over the years - and we're now facing surgery - this is quite a bargain we think!
Good luck on Wednesday, will post back tomorrow to report back on how the session goes...

Stylelostinlabour Sun 25-Apr-10 19:11:20

Oh it's good to see its about the same price what area are you in Herriot? I'm thinking the same Slimming World, WW Rosemary etc all about 4.50 a week and then all the stuff that goes with it so seems like a good deal.

Really feel positive about this one and the lady sounded really on my wave length on the phone which always helps.

Mine is registed with hypnoband and said they insist payment is taken up front?

I have about 4 stone to lose (which would be excellent but would be happy with 2 stone to be honest!) and just need something to give me a kick start. LL wouldnt work for me what with three children to feed so I'm around food 24 hours a day and that's my problem so hoping this will stop me picking (which I think i dont do but if you put a camera up I'd be shocked I'm sureshock

Marking my spot for update tomorrow - hope it goes really well!

Herriot Mon 26-Apr-10 18:10:07

Hi Style... Well I had the 1st session and it was different! At first he said he couldn't help me as I lack motivation to be slim, and that I'm quite happy as I am! But after further talk, he agreed to go ahead - working on areas of overeating, eating when am bored and because it's something to do!
So the hypnosis bit was nice, I thought my brain would be wandering off but it was quite relaxing. I have my cd which I have to listen to at least 4 times before Fridays' 2nd session - a virtual going to the hospital to meet all the band people.
So it's playing in the background now and I've put it on my mp3 player and I shall listen to it when I can. All good fun!
Your appt on Wednesday? My partners' appt is Wednesday too - let me know how you get on???

Stylelostinlabour Mon 26-Apr-10 19:26:01

Hi Herriot

Well that sounds great - can't wait til Wedneday the appt is at 6.00 so hopefully will be able to update after.

So how do you feel now any different? Do you think it's going to work for you?

I'm getting really excited about it - OH who doesn;t have weight issues thinks I'm mad and has taken to saying how nice I look which isn't helping today I want him to call be a fat lardy but not sure that would shock me into anything!

Keep me posted on how you get on over the next couple of days

What's the CD like?

Herriot Tue 27-Apr-10 17:36:06

Well after I listened to the cd last night before night shift - I spent all night pigging out on cheese rolls, bon bons, biscuits and butties left out! That was besides what I'd taken for my meals! blush
Whether it was the fact that am now 'focussing' on food or because I'm rebelling - who knows?
So not a great first day. Listened to the cd when I got home before bed, and again just when I woke up - and I've just had a pint of water as a starting point.
The cd is ok - his voice is pleasant enough and calming, but my mind wanders - shopping lists, what the dog is getting up to, chores to do etc. He says that this is ok as it's the unconscious mind he's talking to.
My work friends (I'm a psychiatric nurse) think it's crazy, that it won't work & that it's a waste of money - but so was paying £4.50 a week for the last 10 years! shock
So we shall see! My partners appointment is tomorrow too so hopefully then we can work it out together - but so far, I guess I'm a little not cynical exactly, but sceptic?
Let me know how you get on...

Stylelostinlabour Tue 27-Apr-10 18:53:47


Thanks for the feedback - keep positive you have only had the first introduction to it so not even at the stage where they have told you have the band so I won't lose faith just yet although it must be hard, as I'm really hoping for instant result shock and there probably lies my problem I dont have the patients...

I have a rebel in me and I think that's why ww, sw or other diets haven't worked as they are telling what to do.

I just dont get why I can't lose weight it's not like a dont have a brain and understand what i need to do, so I'm hoping it will change that process in my head hmm

Good luck, keep positive and nights are a killer at the best of times! Only one more day and then you'll have your next appointment.


Herriot Wed 28-Apr-10 08:57:16

Hiya... blush am sorry that I sounded negative!
I don't know what's up with me - I pigged out last night too - but then am due on so PMT maybe?
I was saying to my partner this morning my doubts - I've tried all diets, psychiatrists, counselling, all sorts to fix my food obsession - so 1 appt isn't going to fix what bad habits I've had for the past 15 years!
So please ignore my moaning minnie crap - and I hope that you get the results you want also...
But you are right, not even at the stage of the 'band' yet - so will have the full course and try again...
Just worried that it'll have been a waste of money - but as the other half said this morning - 'anything off before the op is a bonus'
Let me know how you get on please?

Stylelostinlabour Wed 28-Apr-10 12:58:12

Dont worry about it you were just being honest, and I think it's what all people do before starting on a diet is to pig out, like a last feast kind off, I know I have watched a few programs on GB's and everyone on those even before going down for the operation pigged out - only natural

I think my worry is that every other diet has failed so I'm setting myself to fail before I've even started this option and keep thinking I have something medical wrong and that's why I dont shift the weight (all excuses as nothing wrong apart from too much food and drink!)

I'm worried that spending £200 isn't going to show results but even if I could just lose a stone and get below the next stone marker i would give me show much more. Every diet I do I lose 8lbs and hover over that next stone, so think this is my block.

Keep postive and it's great to have someone else going through it at the same time so hopefully we can support each other as we go on this journey.

Herriot Thu 29-Apr-10 09:59:15

Yup That's why W.W didn't work for me... When I had to go down in points as I lost the weight it freaked me out! Couldn't cope with it at all. But then S.W lets you eat loads and never portion control...

So how did your appt go? Partner had a different session to me, his motivations are different and the guy did all sorts of 'healing' type things with him too.

Last night was fun (not). We went to bed, both of us listening to our cd's. He was snoring as soon as it started and that's all I could hear. Then when mine had done I rolled over & he shoved me out of the way cos he was concentrating! So not doing that again! lol

Now on, we do our hypnosis cd's separately well before bed time! Joy...

Out of curiosity, have you had blood tests done to rule out anything medical - thyroid etc? We had bloods done recently for the surgery and m/c clinic - and everything came back normal... Which is great - but hard to accept the fact that it's down to my eating habits that got me this way!

But yes, today is another day. My 2nd appt is tomorrow, have to listen to the cd 2 more times and see what happens tomorrow. I gave up with the food diary as it makes me worse. So without it I don't think about food so much and don't crave it. Mad huh?

Hope all went well...

Herriot Thu 29-Apr-10 10:03:26

p.s last night when we had dinner, something must have got through cos I took ages to finish my plate. Then when done I felt full and satisfied. Didn't want a pudding & when we went into the lounge to watch tv before bed, I didn't think about snacks or picking at all... Hmmmmm...

Stylelostinlabour Thu 29-Apr-10 13:15:07

well the appointment was different but good in a way started off just chatting about me family etc and why I wanted to do it and then did the hypno bit at first I was like what a loads of b$$$$cms but I think I must have fallen asleep because then she was counting me back in. Her voice got on my nerves a bit but can cope with that! Also she assumed I just eat crap, have take aways and do no exercise which isn't true so that did grieve me but credit to her she did ask if it had bothered me so I was honest and told her!

Go back next Wednesday for my second session and have the cd to listen to as well, will keep the food diary as I want to prove what I eat!

She also does est( can't remember the name) but it's tapping which I'm a bit septical about but hey if it gets me 3 stone off in 15 weeks then excellent

she said she can help me and I will notice a difference straight away which is true for me as I've drank loads of water today and had a very healthly lunch.

When we were doing the hypno she talked about looking in the mirror and seeing the slimmer me but all I saw was black fog in front of the mirror!

Keep positive and let me know how you get on with second session

Herriot Thu 29-Apr-10 17:05:34

Hi... Your session sounded positive - especially eating and drinking healthier after - good on you

My cd is like that too - but can I picture a mirror? Nope! Also there's a bit where I have to countdown from 300 - most I've got to is 259 with effort!

My man was a bit judgy and assuming too which is what p*ed me off to be honest, but I'm going to ring him and tell him.

EFT is emotional freedom technique - google it and it will explain all. You can even do a free online course in it should you wish to...

Glad it's not just me with these concerns - feel a right muppet sometimes. If I needed help with smoking & I was skinny I'd have loads of help, it'd be free and less stigma!

Joys eh... Think I will go listen to my tape now. Now I've just polished off half a cheesecake with a pal! blush

Stylelostinlabour Thu 29-Apr-10 19:32:07

EFT - Thats the stuff, well we'll see what tapping my head does hmm

I have some paperwork to fill in as do you have these as well? One is about I Eat when... and the other is changing behaviour.

Just loading CD onto my iPhone and then going to sit and listen to it.

How are you feeling about it today? Is your appointment tomorrow? Good luck, this is the important one so think positive and this time next week you'll be sizing a differences on the scales.


Herriot Fri 30-Apr-10 08:29:52

I did have paperwork to fill in, a food diary and the likes but it made me worse!
So I phoned my chap yesterday and we had a big discussion.
Basically I'm a rebel! lol. I don't like being told what to do, I challenge authority, and when am challenged I get defensive!
He just said great! Write it all down & he will incorporate it into todays session.
This morning he's texted me to bring slimmer photos of me to appt. hmm That actually doesn't help - but will humour him!
Am feeling ok. Something is working cos despite being due on, am not actually thinking about food. When I do eat, I'm eating slower and I'm actually feeling full which is a first for me!
So although I got a bit temperamental wanting a refund yesterday, I shall go to todays where he will walk me through a hospital visit and challenge some of my rebelious issues! Lol...
Am in Staffordshire - where are you?
Have a great day x

Stylelostinlabour Fri 30-Apr-10 16:16:10


Small world - I'm just down the road in Cheshire!

Hope it goes OK today and maybe working on the rebel within will help unlock the issues and will help with the weight loss.

I'm due on today and not had my usual cravings etc and still drank loads of water. Tried the CD in bed last night but then baby woke up and so I had to stop half way through was a bit grumpy after that to be honest and hoping that I can block out the house noise when I try and do it today.

How did the appointment go?

Herriot Fri 30-Apr-10 18:24:45

Small world indeed

Today's session went ok - I relaxed and started snoring! lol... It was basically a guide through a hospital visit - meeting the consultant and 'gas man' and feeling comfortable in the surroundings.

He also tried a technique with me - kinesiolgy type thing (not 100% sure what he was doing)...

But I remembered a bully - someone who went on and on about my weight & she really was the start of all things -ve about my weight. Anyway he got me doing this 'thing' - he was pulling on my arm, tapping my back and making me hold vials of things on my neck (very wierd) but after he told me to think of this bully - and you know what? I really couldn't!!! Bizarre!

Then he got me turning my negative thoughts into the voice of Donald Duck! That was funny but it worked!

Then I took photos in - a picture of me where am happy and content (but slimmer) and that is my guided imagery instead of imagining a mirror. So todays session actually went quite well - he is certainly invested in my/his success...

That said, I had gained 3lbs since Monday - and he was shocked 'never had that happen before' he said! But am due on and had just eaten a 3 course lunch and 2 pints of water right before going!

As for distractions - he said it doesn't matter, cos if you're thinking of something else, your unconscious mind is more easily reached. How are you getting on with your cd?

My next appt is next Saturday when I will have the 'band' fitted. I'm not to eat 12 hours before it, and it's a 45 minute operation I think

Reading this thread through - it really is quite amazing what the mind can have you doing! lol

How are you finding things? Guess with kids around & being busy, it's hard to get 'me' time. And your partner sounds so sweet!

Enjoy your evening x

Stylelostinlabour Fri 30-Apr-10 18:57:34

Wow the Kinesiolgy sounds interesting, I think this is probably the best £200 I have spent so far, as my consultant emailed me yesterday and today with tips and encouragement which is more than any ww or sw lady has ever done.

I don't think I have a photo of me that I'm happy and conent, well I'd be about 12 I would think... Even my wedding photo I look like an elephant!

Donald Duck how did you not laugh! That sounds fun

Haven't done the CD again but will try and do each night before bed - but not tonight as I'm out with the girls so that will be food and wine (oops!)

Things seem to be going OK - I dont seem to be thinking of food all the time like I would normally and I haven't felt that hungry today so whether its just my mind set shifting, which I hope so or if I'm just generally being good because it's the first week and I want it to work?

How did the you find the hospital bit was it easy to imagine?

How is you partner getting on with his sessions and CD? I'm not sure if it's easier or harder to be doing it together?

Enjoying your evening/weekend and keep positive I'm glad I've found some else going through this as well. Hopefully we'll be able to help and support each other in the coming weekes. How much would you ideally like to lose and by when? Is this instead of your band?

Herriot Sat 01-May-10 08:44:02

Message withdrawn

mandy2010 Wed 12-May-10 09:44:26


I have enjoyed reading your comments on the Hypno band.

I am booked in today for my first session.

I have struggled with my weight for years. I too have tried all the diets and do well, then not long before I slip back to old patterns.

The success rate with Hypno band seems very poitive after doing research .

I am on a waiting list for the opertaion and thought I would rather try this first.


Herriot Wed 19-May-10 09:13:42

Hi Mandy2010. How did you get on?

mandy2010 Tue 25-May-10 19:56:26

Hi Herriot Thanks for asking

Well where do I begin, I went for my appointment and I was a bit nervous as I have not had hypnosis before, the man I saw spent time getting to know me and I relaxed more as the session went on.
After a few minutes of the hypnosis I became very relaxed and kept drifting away with my thoughts, I felt really relaxed.
I was unsure how all this would help me but it has been 2 weeks tomorrow since I went and have had my second session, I have already lost 8lbs so far and looking forward to my operation with hypnosis, I must say I was sceptical but I am keeping a food journal and listing my thoughts / emotions on a sheet the man gave me, it really does help me to stay focused and accountable, I can see where I have made progress and also where I need help, I have tried every diet and system in the planet but for some strange reason I can’t put my finger on, I am losing weight and feel full after eating a small amount of food as it says on my CD I was given. The CD was tailored made for me , which I finds helps also as it is more personal and appropriate to me.

I can even watch others eat chocolate cake and not even be tempted, this would never happen in the past, I am happy I tried this and I am looking forward to losing even more
REALLY Pleased with myself , sorry if sounds like Im gloating. I Hope everyone else is doing well and sticking with it :-)


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