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Thalgo Weight loss system ....... heard of it ????

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crystaltips Wed 27-Jul-05 07:41:11

Just come off holiday and had a treatment in the hotel's spa.
I was feeling fat and frumpy ( but tanned ) and felt that I had to take myself in hand.
The beautician put me on the Thalgo Weight loss system ( at vast expense ) ... I fell for the sales pitch, hook-line-and sinker

Have you heard of it ?
It's all natural products and because It was being plugged in the hotel - I only hope it's vaguely decent .

Lizzylou Wed 27-Jul-05 08:40:20

I haven't altho I had a course of Thalgo treatments before I got married (for my cellulite ridden bum and thighs!) and also loved their stretchmark is expensive but lovely stuff.....wish I was working fulltime again so I could afford it!
Let us know how you get on! How does it work??

crystaltips Wed 27-Jul-05 14:24:58

Supplements and herbal teas ... ( all NATURAL stuff from the ocean ) .... If nothing else - I'll end up with awful breath !!

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