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Anyone else doing 30 day shred?

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Squidmission Sun 11-Apr-10 18:12:14

I heard lots about it and got the dvd. I'm on day 2 and can feel my muscles aching!
I'm trying to combine it with a diet too.

Is anyone else doing this/thinking of doing it?

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robino Sun 11-Apr-10 20:30:56

It should be arriving tomorrow! I try to go running - went for a 4 mile run this afternoon in preparation but with a just 3 yr old and a 21 month old I still seem to come bottom of the pile when it comes to getting things done. Yesterday OH wanted to paint the fence so I ended up saying I'd go after dinner which happened later than the planned 5pm, I ate too much blush and consequently didn't feel up to going til 8.30 and didn't go. Supposed to go to pilates on a Monday evening but OH often gets home too late. So I'm hoping that as it's only 20 mins I can fit it in somewhere everyday.

Am I likely to expire whilst doing it? Wish me luck.

Squidmission Sun 11-Apr-10 20:47:52

You sound quite fit so you'll be fine!
I'm fairly fit too and used to go to the gym regularly before kids but like you, I find it hard to fit it in so got the dvd for the same reason as you did!

I try to go to a spin class twice a week too but it often doesn't happen due to dh coming back late from work.

Do you have weights? You need some. I'm doing it with 1kg hand weights and am finding it just about bearable smile

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Feenie Sun 11-Apr-10 21:15:53

I have tried it for the first time tonight - managed about 15 minutes before I collapsed. Am very unfit blush.

robino Mon 12-Apr-10 08:16:32

Don't have any weights at the mo. Was planning on using the "tins of beans" technique for a while! Am I kidding myself?

Do you have dumbbell types or wrist weights? And is that 1kg per hand or between the two? I might sound fit but really I'm a fake!

Joby1970 Mon 12-Apr-10 08:37:43

Hi guys. I done the whole thirty days- honest you do get fitter & it does (kinda) get easier. I loved it I used 2kg dumbells - have to say they did feel too heavy at first. But the 30 DS really does work & its so short a workout.

GoldenSnitch Mon 12-Apr-10 08:38:38

Mine should be arriving any day now.

I can run less than 1k at the moment. I was doing 11k a couple of times a week before I conceived DD but as soon as I found out I stopped as due to a previous miscarriage I wanted to be careful with myself. After 3 months, I found out I had a low lying placenta too so still couldn't run and all in all I had about a year off. DD is 15 weeks now.

I had a plan that I might try doing the DVD every weekday for 30 days as the end of that co-incided nicely with my birthday and I liked the idea of looking a bit skinnier for then. Not sure I'll be able to manage that reading this!

Maybe I'll down-grade to "a fitness DVD every weekday" and just try to include the 30 day shred on 1 or 2 days for now. DD was born by ELCS so it's going to take a while before I can really push it fitness wise...

spookycharlotte121 Mon 12-Apr-10 10:01:16

Mine arrived last week but I have been having trouble with the scar tissue from when I had ds (nearly 3 years ago!) so im a little reluctant to start it incase it makes the problem worse.

So does it aactually work then?

livvylouis Mon 12-Apr-10 10:21:03

Hi i've just ordered it, sounds so good I must give it a go!

ClaireDeLoon Mon 12-Apr-10 10:31:30

I have this and started it, realised I needed a better sports bra. I got that sorted now so I'm ready to try again!

isthatporridgeinyourzone Mon 12-Apr-10 11:21:46

About 15 days in and onto level 3 - I'm finding the arm strength work quite hard. You do need weights. I'm using 1.5kg. I can see a difference in my muscle tone and I have some abs (admittedly, not a full set) now.

robino Mon 12-Apr-10 14:59:05

blushblushblushblush<-- Supposed to be an out of puff face

Fit? Nope! Actually the cardio wasn't so bad and the abs weren't dreadful (unless that was because my stomach flab has so few muscles in it that it doesn't register the work...) The strength training - aiee! Glad I'm only using tins of beans...

ShadeofViolet Mon 12-Apr-10 15:02:17

Have had my copy for about a month and its still in the cellophane but I am determined to get it started tonight.

PurpleFrog Mon 12-Apr-10 15:54:23

I am thinking of getting a copy. I got as far as saving the search on eBay so I could look at it again! How much space do you need for it? I haven't done any exercise DVDs since we moved to our current house 4.5 yrs ago - mainly because all mine were VHS not DVD and there is no room in our current living room where the video player is. With a DVD I could either play it on the laptop somewhere or on DD's PS2 which is in our currently cluttered "back room".

poshtottie Mon 12-Apr-10 16:06:34

Shadeofviolet, I don't feel so bad now. I've had my copy for a couple of weeks and its still in the wrapper. blush

Fruitgums Mon 12-Apr-10 16:25:56

I'm meant to be re-starting the 30DS today. I got up to Day 5 and have had 7 days off blush However, after running & cycling for around 10miles this morning I am officially knackered!

Hoping to get back to it tomorrow. Also, I've used tins of beans for weights & would recommend getting some heavier weights if you want to see quicker results.

Hey Joby - nice to see you on here

ClaireDeLoon Mon 12-Apr-10 20:36:57

I did it, all the way to the end although the last minute of abs was more a few seconds abs, catch my breath, a few more seconds abs, catch my breath. Quite pleased with myself for doing it, I'm 4 stone overweight and haven't done any exercise for a long time.

So, see how I feel tomorrow morning and regardless of the pain I WILL do it again tomorrow night.

poshtottie Mon 12-Apr-10 21:01:46

I did level 1 tonight though had ds aged 3 declaring he needed a poo halfway through so stopped for about 30 secs.

The moves are very basic and reminded me of circuit training (not a bad thing) but thought the warm up should be longer.

Wonder whether I should be doing it twice a day though. Used to be a PT and aerobics instructor and did hours of exercise everyday to look as good as those girls.

Anything is better than nothing I soppose and I did get it out of the wrapper. grin

DreamsInBinary Mon 12-Apr-10 21:28:34

I have just ordered it!

robino Tue 13-Apr-10 07:22:28

poshtottie - I had to stop for kid's poo break midway too. And then dd (3) had the cheek to announce "don't give up mummy, lady say keep going".

Don't feel too bad this morning; am going to attempt day 2 before we head out anywhere so that it's done. May have to give up though as have DD1 (3) and DD2 (21 months)...

Well done Claire

Joby1970 Tue 13-Apr-10 08:15:52

Nice to see you here too fruitgums.

Poshtottie - I don't think they say on the DVD that you will get abs like anita's just from doing the 30 DS. Would be nice tho.

Purplefrog - you just need enough room to do star jumps & press ups.

poshtottie Tue 13-Apr-10 08:39:22

Joby, I used to have abs like that. I don't think Anita has had kids though. Mine's loose skin. wink

Joby1970 Tue 13-Apr-10 08:40:08

she's deff not had kids - plus I think she's too skinny.

GoldenSnitch Tue 13-Apr-10 09:32:07

There's a lot of Jelly Belly to go before anyone will be able to tell if I've got abs!! grin

justaminute Tue 13-Apr-10 09:43:32

Me too GoldenSnitch!
Just done Day 6 - very pleased with myself.
Does anyone else have pelvic floor issues when doing the star jumps?blush

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