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i am morbidly obese.

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misdee Wed 20-Jul-05 16:29:26

diet starts soon.

anorak Wed 20-Jul-05 16:30:33

blimey misdee as if you don't have enough stress already. Surely it's an emotional issue?

MrsBubsDeVere Wed 20-Jul-05 16:30:40

Your not the only one misdee, I am too.

misdee Wed 20-Jul-05 16:32:34

i am comfort eating. i have gained over a stone since dd3 was born. i need to break habits. am looking into lighterlife.

assumedname Wed 20-Jul-05 16:32:59

Gosh, misdee, is that your doctor commenting?

misdee Wed 20-Jul-05 16:35:48

no. was looking at the charts at the hospital. i am in the scarily big red area.

assumedname Wed 20-Jul-05 16:46:58

According to a chart on the BBC website, my dh is also morbidly obese and a friend of his has been told by his doctor he is the same. I can see they're overweight, particularly my dh, but not that fat.

Do you think charts have changed? Or are we all fatter than we think?

cadbury Wed 20-Jul-05 16:57:02

I'm there too misdee.

misdee Wed 20-Jul-05 17:16:34

i didnt think i wasa that big, but saw myself in the bathroom mirror getting out of the shower and almost cried. and at the weekend i saw a gorgeoud skirt in the tescos sale, but it was a size 18, no way would it fit me. i want normal clothes again.

liandme Wed 20-Jul-05 17:44:37

i am very obese too, and really need to diet but i am not sure the best diet to try, i am ttc and have not had any luck for over a year, i lost almost 2 stone but due to my mum having a heart attack and my sis nearly dying and moving away i comfort ate my way back up to size 22-24.
So what are we gonna do about it !!!!!!!!

misdee Wed 20-Jul-05 17:45:57

well i have a imtroducton session for lighterlife tomorrow evening if i can find a sitter.

liandme Wed 20-Jul-05 17:47:19

is that like slimming world

misdee Wed 20-Jul-05 17:48:40

its meal replacement and conselling programme. theres a whole thread on it here.

cant belive the session are only about a mile away.

liandme Wed 20-Jul-05 17:50:19

i have fri mornings free as of sept so i thought i might join the old dears arobics group is only for 2 hours but it will get me out until i start my new jobs

MrsBubsDeVere Wed 20-Jul-05 17:51:19

I thought about lighterlife, but its quite expensive and there isn't a counsellor near me.

misdee Wed 20-Jul-05 17:53:17

tbh i am spending way more than £45 on food per week atm.

MrsBubsDeVere Wed 20-Jul-05 17:53:55

TBH that would probably be the same with me.

liandme Wed 20-Jul-05 17:55:26

i thought bout herbalife but my dp said it wasnt a proper diet and would cost so much to keep up

Tommy Wed 20-Jul-05 17:57:19

Slimming World is very sensible - more like a healthy eating plan. I have lost a stone in 10 weeks

bundle Wed 20-Jul-05 17:58:27

here's some links from the National Obesity Forum website (coincidentally have been researching this today). hth

liandme Wed 20-Jul-05 17:58:59

i tried slimming world b4 i went every week with my sis so i have the books but we dont have one here and i need the disapline or embaressment of being told off to make me stick to it

misdee Wed 20-Jul-05 18:00:05

tommy i have tried different diets but never used a club. i am in a bad habit of over eating, and comfort eating/picking in the evenings. i need to disassicoate food with comfort, and this way appeals to me. to have the meal packets and says thats it, thats your food for today, and stick to it seems easier than trying to deicide which meal to make.

Nemo1977 Wed 20-Jul-05 18:00:09

another one here misdee am morbidly obese and now pg feel stuck in a rut that cant get out of as i eat because im bored/depressed then get depressed about the eating. Thought having a toddler would help but it hasnt i have decided once this baby is here in dec that is it i either have to change lifestyle or my kids will be dragging a fat embarissing mother behind them who could end up being gone before they are 20

misdee Wed 20-Jul-05 18:01:43

i dont want to be a fat mum anymore. i want to be a pretty slender mum at the school gates looking cool in the clothes i want rather than buying what fits.

Nemo1977 Wed 20-Jul-05 18:03:56

misdee thats how i feel and being pregnant brings it home even more when i cant get maternit clothes and i cant do the toiletpaper measuring for bump size cos im about 5 sheets ahead and its not cos of baby

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