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The 5 Stone Plus Club - New Year, New Ladies!

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RGPargy Fri 12-Feb-10 15:46:10

Hi ladies!

Thought it might be nice to have a new thread for the new(ish) year.

mummymels Fri 12-Feb-10 16:51:41

Thanks RGPargy for starting the new thread. Good idea. I hope all is well with you.

Ria - you sound very uncomfortable and down in the dumps. I hope the GP managed to do the op so it is all over and done with and you deserve a treat tonight. DSIS sounds like a useful person to have in the family!

Riapwhatyousow Fri 12-Feb-10 22:15:55

Good idea RG - new thread, new start (againwink)

It is an ex-lump, and I am now indeed uncomfortable. Dsis says I shouldn't make any plans for tomorrow (but I do wonder if that is because I was supposed to be arranging something with her and she now doesn't fancy it. It wouldn't be the first timesad) It hadn't occured to me that they would put the lump in a pot and send it away to be analysedblush, so I suppose I get top fret about that now (cos if I don't fret something bad is bound to happenblush)

no strenuous exercise for me until the stitches are out I think, though I will see how it goes.

so, are we on the condemned dieters last weekend then?winkgrin

any plans for Sunday anyone?

RGPargy Fri 12-Feb-10 22:39:42

Where abouts did you say the lump was Ria? Sorry you are feeling uncomfortable. I suggest putting your feet up and making sure your glass is topped up with wine. I'm sure the analysis will come back with nothing to worry about.

I think yes, we should make this our last weekend of being fat - especially as the girls at work are all on WW and are actually losing weight! One of them i never thought would do it as she is quite greedy but she's lost 7lbs in 2 weeks! I'm not having that!! There's no way she's going to lose weight and i'm going to stay fat!!

I'm still not convinced by WW tho. I'm undecided on doing WW or calorie counting..... confused

Nothign planned for Sunday this end, other than recovering from a night out at DP's mate's local pub for his birthday on Saturday night. Woohoo! First night out for ages!

What about you?

Riapwhatyousow Sat 13-Feb-10 23:12:08

DH will be working... making other people happy and romantic. I'll be lucky to get some crisps and a re-run of Lewishmm/ DS2 (6) got a valentine from his bestest friend tonight, he has been nagging me all week to make one for her, so we are just waiting for the glitter glue to dry and he can deliver it tomorrow (with 3 choc hearts from thorntons). Bless himsmile

Lump was at the top of my thigh, 4/5 stitches apparently (DH changed the dressing for me), I'm sure it will be ok too, but need to fret to make sure! Feel like I've been hit by a bus today though - stitches don't hurt but the rest of me doessad tension I suppose.

Did you decide against SW then? Tis quite galling when everyone else is losing... I will be with you on Monday (have hardly eaten today, and tomorrow I will be indulging my misery)

Riapwhatyousow Sat 13-Feb-10 23:13:51

it'll be a good night if you're still recovering tomorrow night!wink enjoygrin.

Riapwhatyousow Mon 15-Feb-10 11:33:11

all set then RG?

DH very late home last night, and forgot my lemon tart, so might be over-indulging tonightblush

RGPargy Mon 15-Feb-10 14:44:27


The night out was a good laugh and DP got quite tipsy wink I drank quite a bit too but i suppose as i have alot of bulk, it didn't really affect me that much. hmm

I think DP is possibly working tonight but i'm going to try and stay on track (sort of) confused

I think we have just about put the house on the market! They are coming round on Wednesday to take photos and for me to sign the contract with the agent etc so i've booked up my DS to help me do a tip run tomorrow with as much junk as possible lol. I'm going to have to try and get all the toys out of one room and into another while they take the pics as i personally think it looks too personal when you see toys etc around the house in pictures of houses on line, IYKWIM?? Going to see our mortgage bloke on saturday too so it's all systems go!!! I'm quite excited but also very scared! Plus i hate having to pack the house up yet again.....

Riapwhatyousow Tue 16-Feb-10 22:33:12

have you found somewhere new? sounds like hard work. I don't fancy moving ... EVER!

damn half term to the pit of hellblush

have walked miles today though. Railway museum, round York several times...

mummymels Wed 17-Feb-10 02:27:15

Ria - I hope you are ok and recovered now from your op. I hope also that you don't have to wait too long for the results and I am sure it will be good news. That's so sweet about DS.

RGPargy - Your description of your workmate made me laugh but at least it has given you incentive and that's always a good thing to have. It sounds as if you had a good night out. Good luck on the house sale - hopefully it won't make on the market for too long.

Riapwhatyousow Wed 17-Feb-10 17:59:59

thanks Mels. stitches out on Friday. Am looking forward to a very long soak in a hot bath (showers just aren't luxurious, no matter how much you spend on fancy shower gel)

mummymels Wed 17-Feb-10 23:23:40

Ria - I have to be honest in that I couldn't tell you the last time I had a bath, I never have them but I can understand where you are coming from. I had my knee operation on about a month ago and wasn't allowed to get it wet for 10 days so had to just have a wash with a flannel all that time and it was such a relief to finally have a shower at the end of it when the stitches came out.

RGPargy Fri 19-Feb-10 14:27:36

Hi ladies

Haven't found anywhere new yet - there seems to be absolutely NOTHING out there! shock

Did DS's love interest like her valentine's card?

I'm with you on bathing, mummymels! I dont like baths and much prefer showers. I just dont like the idea of sitting in your own dirt for 20 mins or so.... hmm wink

What's everyone up to this weekend? Nothing planned this end, other than seeing our mortgage guy on Saturday (providing DP isn't working!).

mummymels Fri 19-Feb-10 20:39:19

Hi, funny you say that RGPargy, my DH works in an estate agent and was saying it is completely dead there at the moment. I hope you manage to find something soon.

That's exactly my reasons for not liking baths too RGPargy.

Good luck with the mortgage guy. We've got a 2nd birthday party tomorrow. Not much else planned but DH is working on Sunday.

We took the kids to the circus yesterday and was very pleased with myself for declining the yummy smelling popcorn.

RGPargy Mon 22-Feb-10 20:54:14

Well, it's official. I've rejoined WW again (internet only) which i am going to start again tomorrow. I mean business. I've got to get healthy and lose a bit of weight for DD's sake and for the sake of not wanting to go into an early grave! blush

Saw a lovely looking house online tonight, although there were no photos of the inside, but probably because it's a do-er upper. I love the look of it from the outside tho - bay windows and pointy roof.....

The meeting with the mortgage guy went ok although we found out we probably need more money than we thought we did so i dont think we're in any rush to move now confused

How's it going Ria and Mels?

mummymels Mon 22-Feb-10 21:42:02

You sound very determined with your new start RGPargy. Good luck with ww. I understand what you are saying. When I was at my biggest I found it hard to have the energy to do anything with the kids.

Ooh how exciting that you have found a lovely looking house. Are you going to go and see it? Shame you will need more money but hopefully you'll be able to sort something soon.

Had weigh in today. For the first time since starting Go Lower I haven't lost any weight this week. Bit disappointed but can't complain in the whole scheme of things really as I couldn't go on losing like I have been forever.

RGPargy Tue 23-Feb-10 22:59:22

Well done on staying the same, mummymels At least it wasn't a gain.

So far so good today with WW. I am bang on my points and earned 2.5 points at the gym too today. I'm feeling a little hungry now, but probably because DP and I are so used to having more to eat at this time of night. Think i'll go to bed very soon so that i dont get tempted to nibble.

Not sure we will look at the house just yet. We've not had any interest in this place just yet so i think we are probably going to wait until we've got a buyer before we start looking for somewhere to buy as i really dont want to get our hopes up about a new place and then it all goes pear shaped because we cant find a buyer, etc etc. Oh the joys of a property chain!!

mummymels Wed 24-Feb-10 00:59:24

Well done on day one RGPargy. Did you manage to resist the evening temptation?

That makes sense re the new house. Hopefully you'll get a buyer soon. Are many people coming to look at your house?

Thanks re my weight staying the same. Do you know if olives are low carb? Today the kids had pasta for their lunch and I pinched some olives. I am pleased I didn't pinch the pasta which would have been worse but feel a bit naughty pinching the olives as so far I have kept the the diet to the tee.

RGPargy Wed 24-Feb-10 16:04:00

Hi Mummymels. Yes i did resist the temptation, although i had 2 ginger biscuits but i was still within my points allowance so it was fine.

We've not had anyone round to see the house yet, although it's not even been on the market a week yet so i'm not overly disheartened!

Went to the gym again today and worked bloomin' hard in the step class. Hopefully i'll lose a pound or two by this time next week...... hmm

Riapwhatyousow Thu 25-Feb-10 00:17:44

bookmarking as laptop infectedsad

good luck with everything RGsmile

yay but [sad[

Riapwhatyousow Thu 25-Feb-10 00:23:27

yay but sad for maintain mels. hang on in there.

am currently filling in diary sheet for nurse. it is blush

Really bad week what with DH writing the car off etcsad

laptop pissing me off now, back soon. good luck guys!

mummymels Thu 25-Feb-10 01:16:04

RGPargy - Well done on resisting the temptation and at least you could have the biscuits within your allowance. Good luck with the house, as you say its still early days.

Ria - Thanks. Sounds like you are not having a good time. Hope things get better for you soon.

Riapwhatyousow Thu 25-Feb-10 18:33:17

RG - is there a WW thread? I can't find it and fancied a look. I bought the new mag last night...

I went to a power chi yoga class on Tuesday. I still hurtblush. Might sign up for the rest of the term thoughshock, I liked it more than Zumba TBH.

mummymels Thu 25-Feb-10 19:28:53

Ria, power chi yoga sounds interesting. What does that involve?

Riapwhatyousow Thu 25-Feb-10 22:36:07

much pain! here mels

actually I really liked it. when I used to not be fat I was pretty supple, and I felt it coming back - in the first half hour I couldn't manage one stretch, but when we did it again later on I reached much further.

Have felt quite upright since Tuesday thoughwink

WW stuff out, meals planned for tomrrow, points left for treats... fingers crossed!

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