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Anyone done a detox plan that works?

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elsmommy Mon 11-Jul-05 14:29:09

And one where you can actually eat someting

heatexhaustion Mon 11-Jul-05 14:43:12

i started one last July.Fruit juice water and raw veg. By 5pm the first day i was being sick into a bucket and was tired and shakey. needless to say gave up.

RnB Mon 11-Jul-05 14:44:48

Message withdrawn

compo Mon 11-Jul-05 14:47:43

Beety is the queen of detoxing! see here

mancmum Mon 11-Jul-05 14:52:10

jane scrivener is good -- sensible food and never hungry -- I like it..

elsmommy Mon 11-Jul-05 15:05:32

RnB I do need to lose some weight but mainly for health benefits

RnB Mon 11-Jul-05 15:34:04

Message withdrawn

elsmommy Mon 11-Jul-05 16:30:09

Thanks for that RnB

elsmommy Mon 11-Jul-05 16:31:25

Thanks for that RnB

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