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over-enthusiastic or what?

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kateandfelicity Sat 09-Jul-05 19:33:28

Hi guys...
um, I had dd 9 weeks ago tomorrow... am I being just impatient with my figure or what??? I'm just dying to fit into at least one pair of jeans!!!!
lost 2 stone pretty quickly... but there's the last 3/4 of a stone which is stopping me from fitting into the. ggrrr.
Have been doing exercise... (ish?) been going for walks for an hour every day with dd in pram, also been walking round house with leg weight things on and doing some toning exercises with them...
..recently been trying to er, run, whilst walking dd... (I use the term 'run' very loosely... )
Am trying not to eat too much rubbish... am constantly hungry though!! am breastfeeding dd, is this why?
So, will I be able to fit into jeans soon or what? I know the toning up of body is up to me... but I'm dying to wear something decent!!! fact, just lie to me and tell me I'll be able to fit into them next week... it'll make me happy whilst I munch on Phish Food tonight!! -just kidding!

colditz Sat 09-Jul-05 19:35:45

It will come off on its own, and all you are likely to acheive is exhaustion. I know how you feel, I wanted that weight off pronto, but you really have to e patient or you will make yourself ill!

Brighteyes Sat 09-Jul-05 20:53:51

know how your feeling. DD is 6 weeks old and I'm bf. Joined WW 2 weeks ago and have been walking for an hour a day. The weight is coming off slowly and thats the best way. Hoping to be back in my jeans by August

Good luck

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