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desperately seeking help for thighs

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bubblegumcheeks Thu 07-Jul-05 07:01:51

Hi there I am from South Africa. Please can some one out there help I am in desperate need of exercises to help reduce the size of my thunder thighs and saddle bags. Any ideas????

bubblegumcheeks Fri 08-Jul-05 06:19:42

hi is any one out there??????

Saker Fri 08-Jul-05 11:53:23

Try "I want those buns" by Tamilee Webb - you can get it on Amazon I think.

bubblegumcheeks Sun 10-Jul-05 12:37:20

what is Amazon??? is "I want those buns" the name of a book???

Saker Sun 10-Jul-05 22:14:10

Sorry should have been more explicit. Amazon is an online store selling books, videos etc. Try here for the US version. "I want those buns" is a video or dvd of 2 sets of 15min exercise specifically for the backside and top of legs.

Or if you look at collage video there are loads of exercise videos with reviews and clips that you could chose from.

bubblegumcheeks Wed 20-Jul-05 15:21:55

thks saker you have been very helpfull I will try the sites.

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