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Which do you think is the best butter substitute?

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treacletart Sat 23-Jan-10 21:47:35

Ok so we're taking some samll steps to reduce our large waists. I have a natural aversion to synthetic foods, but need a Lurpak substitute. What do you recommend?

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LadyintheRadiator Sun 24-Jan-10 21:13:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Chil1234 Mon 25-Jan-10 14:55:53

A good quality light margarine might mean you can use 2 teaspoons on a slice of toast for the same calories as 1 teaspoon of butter. Flora Light is quite nice, I find, but if you would be happier with 1 teaspoon of real butter... go for it.

If you have an aversion to fake foods (and I'm in agreement with you there) then rather than finding lower-calorie versions could I suggest you simply adjust the balance of your meals?

Imagine a dinner plate. To make a meal much lower in calories but just as filling, fill half the plate with green vegetables and salads before you add anything else..... Then use carbohydrates and protein in smaller amounts and use fats very sparingly

Instead of PASTA with MEAT SAUCE and some salad on the side... it becomes SALAD with a little pasta and meat sauce on the side. Same meal but, over time, a radically different effect on your waistline.

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