Advanced search far i've lost the weight of three 2 litre bottles of Cola!!!

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TheRealMrsF Sun 03-Jul-05 22:48:49

When i attended a slimming club i was told to find something that weighs the same as you've lost...then sling it in a carrier bag and lift as to show how much heavier you were b4.

I have not been dieting really...but in january i had new antidepressants and by april i'd gained a stone in they changed my tablets and slowly i have lost that stone.....

its hard for me as i have a Binge eating problem...but i am using smaller plates as a friend of mine suggested...and i think it's paying off!

Dior Sun 03-Jul-05 23:17:21

Message withdrawn

TheRealMrsF Mon 04-Jul-05 10:37:11

thanks!!! It wasn't till i read my post that i realised it looked like i was fishing for compliments!!!!


Dior Tue 05-Jul-05 21:11:16

Message withdrawn

TheRealMrsF Wed 06-Jul-05 12:59:02

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